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    The Poem Depository

    A Temporary Snowman I thought of you on Christmas Eve, Out there, in lands of blood on gray. Your son was sad, he would not eat, He missed you more each passing day. He understands the world's not right, And Daddy's gone to make it so. We stayed together all last night And prayed for peace and...
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    Writing How to Make Conversation Between 3+ People Less Repetitive?

    I'm with Trolling Trolls on this one. Dialogue tags can easily be replaced by 'action tags' to show who is speaking. I would just suggest not overdoing it with the action or else you run the risk of slowing down the pace of the conversation. For example: "I don't understand why Sheila has an...
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    Things you like to do before writing?

    Lots of coffee (required).
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    I can't do writing prompts, is that a sign of a bad author

    You're not a bad writer if you don't enjoy writing prompts. If the prompt doesn't light a creative spark, then it's just not for you. I've written to a lot of writing prompts, usually during my break periods, just to stay sharp and challenge myself. And I've skipped just as many, too. I...
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    How to write transitions? Tips for editing my old writing?

    As far as your main character, or any characters, are concerned, put them in challenging situations that cause them to grow throughout your tale. Your mc can start off as a bland, 'go with the flow' type, as long as he or she evolves as the story goes along.
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    In need of feedback, it'll be quick since I put a poll

    I've commented over on your story page ;)
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    What would you name a snake?

    Clyde (I don't know why... lol)
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    Rewrite, edit, or continue on at end of arc?

    That 'show vs tell' dilemma is something many of us strive to get better at. Just remember, sometimes 'telling' is not a bad thing. There are times when we need to get straight to the point, where as, all that showing tends to slow things down and eat up words counts... lol. Also, editing is...
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    To listen too or not listen to a suggestion from my story's comment section?

    I've one character who is big preacher who calls his friend, a much smaller ex-school teacher, "Little Brother". It's a joke between them. Now, he doesn't always call him that, especially when the mood is not light. Perhaps it's the overuse of the teasing terms your siblings express towards...
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    Rewrite, edit, or continue on at end of arc?

    I completely understand your trepidation at the start of something, and that you want it to leave that good 'first impression' by making sure it reads well. However, beginning a story is like pushing everything uphill. Once you get past the foundation stage the last thing you want to do is...
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    Stress Kills Creativity

    I wholeheartedly agree with you. I've come to the conclusion, for myself anyway, that there is no such thing as 'writers block'. Only 'writers interference'. We are our greatest enemy when it comes to the creative process and simply allowing it to flow. We come to the table with our high...
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    Writing Tools/methods you use to write yourself out of a predicament?

    If I understand your question correctly, then yes. I'll might have a tentative plan for Character 'A' who will eventually meet Character 'M' at some point down the road in some relevant way, after both characters have undergone several changes through various arcs where both characters interact...
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    Writing Tools/methods you use to write yourself out of a predicament?

    I'm very fortunate with my current long-ass tale that I haven't run out of story or have fallen into the 'filler' realm. I owe most of that to my characters who often surprise me by altering my intended storylines, which end up opening up several more. So I have learned that planning in...
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    How many chapters/words does a story need to have before you'll think about reading it?

    I'm with Kotohood on this one. Lack of consistency if the deal breaker for me as a reader. If a writer isn't committed to writing it, why should I commit my time to read it? I usually want an arc or two written before I attempt a newer work. With the long ones, I'll check dates of release...
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    Are you sometimes feel that you hate some part of your book?

    I commend you for writing something that's difficult, such as a character death. I believe we're sometimes tempted to 'get in the way' of the story when we know something unenjoyable to write is coming, and then try to change it for a more pleasing outcome. Sometimes you just feel it in your...