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    Dreams to Stories.

    Both of my currently published novels are based on dreams, I Refuse To Be A Helpless Damsel being the one I've had twice. I also had a recent dream that I was going to write to another novel with but I decided to save it for a bit and turn it into a novel when I get writers block again. I don't...
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    Meet the Characters of my Novel (Anime-ish)!

    Orion is giving me some Evileye vibes from Overlord. Was she an inspiration for the characters design?
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    New Year, New Decade, Out your Insecurities

    I'm insecure at what the next decades holds. What will I become? What will I regret? What mistakes will I make? Where will my life go? Will I be working at my dream job or will I be working in a hellscape? Also insecure about me gaining weight again.
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    Dreams and Nightmares. Let's Share!

    The way I remember my dreams is really weird. Sometimes, my brain is randomly like "Oh hey, me, you dreamed about this four days ago." The strange thing is that I seem to know how long ago my dream was. It really throws me off sometimes because I could be talking and then boom: "You were...
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    Help Wanted: Romantic Songs

    I've tried to find an english version but I've had no luck myself.
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    Help Wanted: Romantic Songs

    This one is in my playlist, I think it fits well with what you're looking for
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    What would the government do if there was suddenly superpowers.

    "Let's weaponise them without thinking of consequences" - every country
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    I have, this website is so friendly

    I have, this website is so friendly
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    It's Halloween!

    If you live long enough in one area, all the kids will grow to old too want to go so noone no knocks on your door
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    What are you currently watching?

    Rewatching Kanokon and Midori Days for lols and nostalgia, and finishing Initial D.
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    Writing Do you use Wordcradle?

    I actually used to use world anvil. Don't remember why I don't anymore.
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    Which Would You Rather Reincarnate As In A Litrpg Fantasy World?

    Dragon, massive lifespan, strong scales, fire breath. The literal apex predator of fantasy.