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  • I hope not using shub helps with procrastination or well atleast i would find more fun way to procrastinate then lurking here.

    It's kinda fucked up probably most fucked up song in my collection but it's nice. Though it's too dramatic. Huh i posted this already.
    Ok so time for an essay in it's description. It's kikou song. So obviously it's about abused children. So now the message is kinda obvious.
    "look at me look at me".
    So a general sense of anxiety and disillusionment. "everyone is incompetent and so am I".
    {this part is not actually supported by the song or intended by the singer but i think it would be fitting.}
    Also if she thinks if she is talking about stuff she actually cares about she would be laughed at.
    (this is not actually true but really due to who she usually talks to)[people who aren't interested] and her own inherent biases twisting reality.
    that's it
    looks at mirror.
    mirror: bro here have this video.

    Eh won't be stupid this time
    feb 15

    3 months later.
    still the same.
    Damm not being stupid is very hard.
    Amazing i even have the same feeling. Not of sadness but of being just mildly amused.
    profile pic edited for that extra long neck. Back when i tried drawing Great Teacher Onizuka.
    Damm. No matter how shit your drawing. It looks good when it's small. Like seriously it's looks professional if it's small but when you open it . It's just meh.

    Nah looks too emotionless will use re zero
    I hope my new username doesn't sound too chunibyo. I was going for re zero theme. Like how there is witch of sloth . witch of envy. devil of melancholy.
    So Shalmac of frustration
    looks at humanity.
    these guys are complete idiots who can't plan or change or strategize and who don't gather new information or do the logical thing and make same mistake everyday.

    looks at mirror.
    I do all of the above too.

    geuss I can't complain.

    realizes that all problems of humanity come from people making same mistakes as me.
    well at least I am more self aware than humanity .
    “No,” Ben said, eyes hard, “never. You fuckers are all going to pay.”


    Despite Ben’s anime-tier resolve to instantly solve all his problems and confront all evil in the universe, he still had to go to work the next morning. A typical problem of the modern human.

    reading this while procrastinating feels weird.
    webnovel calling out to you
    Deleted member 45782
    reading this while procrastinating
    Ok what is a cool word for overcoming frustration.
    I don't think English has a cool word for that.

    Now of to work. Pride and self confidence is better than muted pleasure
    Difference between xiania and fantasy is that in fantasy you work to achieve your dreams and in xiania you work to dodge hell and death.
    The difference is between working for your dreams vs avoiding eldritch abominations
    Ability to not constantly change plans and stop thinking about consequences and just doing it is also pretty useful
    I am gonna make a post if I study for 3 hours.
    Probably would keep me motivated.
    It has been 4 hr 30 min. 2 hours remain.
    Really in actually studying. Ability to not tear the book and get up. Matters more than motivation.
    Frustration tolerance over motivation.
    Ability to keep calm and not get up
    Here is a example of man working for bragging rights. Don't read comments major Spoilers. Video doesn't really spoil much.
    Changed the world.
    Prime example of Subaru working his ass of to simp for emilia.
    emilia can only say WTF bro.
    Behind every great discovery and achievement the cause has been neuroticism and obsession.

    Behind every good enough achievement the cause has been bragging rights
    I was literally solving permutations and combinations in my dream.
    And buying books

    Even the method was right. Damm this is like next level motivation/madness
    Subaru got nothing on this
    Apparently things which make you feel proud of yourself are best and needed to be happy.
    Weird brain likes this but eh atleast now I know this
    To be confident act in a way which makes you feel proud. Like have self control.
    It's mundane but pretty effective
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