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  • Man,
    hobbies are amazing. Conversation ,following your hobbies , studying what you like to study and realizing that you still don't know anything about what you want to study.
    In the eyes of beholder .huh.
    Probably refers to this.
    Reality never changes . It's like a empty picture. Emotions color it.
    when you are calm and happy even the most fucked up songs feel cheerful. Like you hear wozwald and just feel happy and enjoy the tune and music.
    ah .
    I feel happy
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    works in the opposite direction too. when you’re sad, everything is sad 😔
    I am dying from embarrassment after posting all this.
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    I literally delete most of my posts . Cause two sides are fighting in my brain. One says use this website other says work.
    Maybe thinking everyone is judging me literally every second is irrational.
    Nah, I get you with the judging part. I'm a pretty shy person myself and I always get severe embarrassment and whiplash after I post something. But I think, in the long run, it's better to be open, to express yourself, and to be honest.
    If you get rejected then you get rejected, but if you don't you have the potential to make real connections. I liked all the songs you posted (and relate to them too), and I've discovered some new ones along the way. If you didn't post, I wouldn't have had the pleasure of learning about them :)
    this is a good story.
    this song is about every thing i have said previously . Knowing all that and still continuing and suffering. Just going through like this throughout your life.
    Not even thinking about winning. Just trying and trying till you die. (in both good sense and bad sense)
    Giving up at the right time is a very useful skill. Stubbornness is not something to be celebrated.

    this one is about pure naive undying hatred after realizing you have been betrayed. Not seeing from other person's shoes. The other person being such a indefensible asshole that even looking from his shoes doesn't work.
    I am saying naive. Cause it feels like that somehow. The girl feels slightly dumb and naive.
    The song is not actually about that . It's a dumb edgey song but i like it. Sooo i am making shit up. Previous comment was just a description of tanya from youjo senki
    A guide to how to live your life.(sarcasm)
    Song is just about machiavellian and pragmatism which gets stuff done. Example reading psychology about procrastination instead of philosophy.
    Doing the mundane thing which will work. Instead of praying to gods or doing fantastical things which don't work.
    Basically using common sense
    Following cold logic. Not giving into emotions . Instead of brooding. Making list of things you want to do. Making a plan.

    Thinking about how to excute the plan. Trying different things. Self control. Studying thing without any sort of bias.

    Basically what makes you different from monkeys and dogs.
    Cause monkeys also show compassion and empathy for others . They show all sort of human emotions. Dogs are more humane than humans. (only cause we selective bred them. Dogs have same genes as people suffering from williams syndrome. We bred them to have this syndrome) It's about delaying gratification and not giving into self destructive behaviors.

    this one is about. Ideals or death mindset. When you are immortal. Not giving in. Honor and a desire to prove something to society over anything else.
    They are the ends and they are even the means. Nothing matters except this.
    It's about this mindset.
    Sacrifice (like love humanity happines )everything to win. Not to achieve your desire but just to win against someone . Not to win to get something. Just to win. and winning at your terms how you want to win. Exactly how you want to win. No compromise. No bending.
    everyone is not special. You can be what you want to be. You are different from everyone else. Everyone is. Play to your strengths you will get what you want.
    this one is about depression disapointment with the world. disillusionment with the academia. Letting your hobbies and ideals die. Giving in to addictions because you can't care about life enough to stop. and a tiredness which doesn't go away with sleep . Slowly developing into disdain towards all of humanity .
    this one is about .
    I don't really understand this one. I think it's realated with disappointment with the world and some unfufilled desire and a problem which just keeps haunting you preventing you from living. but i can't put my finger on what this song describes.
    I can't really describe this emotion. What this song is about.
    this one is also about following your dreams. Sometimes it doesn't work and you make stupid mistakes. Like you forget to reconnect the memories.
    Stupid mistakes happens when programing. The cloud did not work that good.
    This one is a super optimistic song about changing the world and making your dreams come true.
    Not being at mercy of world or humanity bringing the change you want in the world and making your dreams come true.
    How the one true way to genius is through your dick.
    Be horny. Be smart. Make your dreams come true
    This song is not really that great . but eh. good time pass.
    It's about the fact that someone does indeed care for you .Who is going through the same thing as you. Which would be able to understand you.
    The song is kinda bad cause meeting such people is unlikely.
    NO that's just too pessemetic. It's like in the middle. You may or may not meet them. Again nothing too great
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