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  • this one is about toxic relationships, Where one side is manipulative. Where both side bring each other down. The girl might be narcissistic. Though she is super manipulative. Gaslighting. Reminding of the good times and shit.
    Mass Of Fermenting Drugs.
    It's so obvious. I won't even explain.
    It's about mass of fermenting dregs. It says right here in the name
    This one is about a android who is afraid that every-time he loses consciousness he dies. He is android so it is indeed possible. How does he know it's he who wakes up . This has prevented him from sleeping on many nights. He can never be sure. There is evidence for and against the fact that his consciousness die whenever he sleeps.
    He is afraid of sleeping. He is afraid of waking up. It might be true that he actually dies whenever he sleeps . You can never tell in the song.
    So he tries staying up a whole week. This is what his mind rambles about doing that.

    God loves his children that's why he kills them.
    Refering to the fact that he would die whenever he sleeps.
    Ok the writer made this in relationship with people who are karens.
    That's a shit theme.
    So i am going to replace that with a better existential theme for such a kick ass song.
    Death of author and all that .
    My explanation being as valid and stuff
    Since it's getting too depressing and you guys would look away.
    This is the inverse of previous song.
    It's about opposite of that. It's about that desire being fulfilled.
    Someone having faith in you . More faith that you have in yourself. It's about certainty . It's about having true choice. Something you can be sure is unchanging.
    Having true choice as in even if you give up . It's still fine . You would never lose this thing.
    The feeling you get when your parents say they will always love your.
    The feeling you get when you lie down and stare at the starry sky and think.
    Even if everything goes wrong i would never bow. I would always be open minded and think about things. The world will always be fascinating to me.
    I would never bow to any gods.
    Faith in yourself and being unchanging about one aspect of your life.
    A desire which makes you go.
    "Even if i die my corpse will want to continue this desire"
    Basically strength in yourself and others having faith in you. Not toxic expectations or trust. Just certainity that you will always have this person to express your heart to and that person will understand and care.
    Desire and that
    I would describe this one later. It's going to take some time.
    I would need to think for this one
    it's about crippling loneliness and low self esteem and absue from all sides and feeling that it's all getting worse.
    faviorate line
    "Love me Love me Love me"
    Just life by eve is favorite.
    I don't understand this one. It's not too profound. It's kinda generic. No line is faviorate

    Everyone can relate to this one . Especially people who wanted to learn to know not just to pass a grade.
    Standardized testing sucking out your soul. If you follow your ideals you would be left behind. If you truly take your time to understand how the proofs arise.
    You can't follow your ideal if every second you do so you actively lose something. Your mind won't allow it. You can't quit. You know you can't win.
    You want to quit.
    But you know you would be back. Like a beaten animal.
    Never being able to quit . Never being able to try.
    Can't follow your ideal. Can't think
    Favorite line .
    "If i follow my ideal i would be left behind"

    "The rambling words with no meaning."
    He is disillusioned with reality and has lost respect for everyone. So no truths remain. Just rambling words which can't be proven true or false.
    Facts which you would never understand or know why they are true.
    HELL you won't even know which facts are really true
    Pressure of water constantly holding me down.
    Though i don't agree with the themes of not being able to understand. That's not the problem. The problem is you can't will yourself to understand. Like you can understand easily. But you won't truly try. Cause something is eating at your soul
    Edit the previous song had another theme of not being your idealized self that was a pretty good theme. The other theme was bad. But the theme of not being your idealized self you see in mirror is pretty common and strong .
    the main theme is not that good.
    Well if i take it as being true to yourself and what you are instead of what you want to be. Then it is 8.5/10
    "I won't lie to you again"
    If last line she is talking to the world then 7.5.
    If she is talking to herself then i rate it 8.5

    This isn't a profound song but it is a damm good song even though it is pretty vague and doesn't have strong themes.
    Theme of interaction being fake is too . uncommon. Not a good description of that feeling but everything else is pretty good . so it goes here
    The sequel to first song.
    She reached enlightenment in the first one after all.
    Il server the velvet rope . Never again. Feeling of never again for something you truly hate and which is not addictive is very powerful
    #list is from most depressing to most cheerful so wait an hour and come back later if you want my review on cheerful songs
    turn on closed captions

    Perfect voice for this. The other version doesn't do this justice.

    Favorite line
    "It's like a fairy tale. .After all, the audience is having fun I am sure"

    No drugs can be admistered to horses or dogs which don't fear restraint or poison fangs.
    A convenient heaven's net doesn't exist.
    Ok song recommendations by me. From most depressing to least depressing and cheerful. Everyone prepare your assholes . Cause i am about to make 100 profile posts.
    Turned out the website i go to when i feel exceptionally edgedy (probably once 2 or 3 months) has been shut down and the owner arrested for corrupting the youth,.
    Now he was indeed corrupting the youth in this case.
    I click on the website.
    There are just letters and a single ad.
    The ad is just boobs. I thought the founder had kept a joke but no turns out that was the only way he can run the website which has his letters. It did lead to ad which said be rich at 28
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