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  • I am going to name my story. Shade Of a Bayronic Lamp. because of how much lampshading it will have and deconstruction of tropes. Bayronic lamp is a pun on byronic hero. Baryon is a particle.
    I am happy today too. I studied and somehow got motivated to study even more. It's still not enough but atleast i am motivated
    well I tried basically studying whole day.
    it was still somehow not enough.
    amazing. still not enough.
    I am somehow still happy.
    Is this what insanity feels like.
    have I developed Stockholm syndrome toward studying.
    truly wonders of not using internet speak for themselves
    . I don't normally talk like this. if I am talking too pompusly then it means I am somewhat sarcastic
    ok my prediction is everyone who answers yes will have either a depressed or a smug anime looking profile pic or someone in a suit as profile pic.
    like probably it's a question of self confidence more than actual intelligence.
    ok that poll has a flaw no one who thinks he is not smart will vote in the first place.
    only people who think they are smart will click on thread
    I was wrong
    someone made a app where if you post any question at all if its MCQ. someone posts it's video explanation.
    like literally any question. it's like stackexchange but it's not volunteers people get paid for this.
    now sadly it's only in hindi. so LOL.
    Also you don't even have to write it just take a photo.
    I feel so happy. all problem of lockdown instantly solved
    cadmar legend finally knowing hindi has a use .
    local man experiences euphoria after feeling extreme regret.
    Seriously no feeling is better than hope and realization that there is still time after being awashed by regret.
    you know in shows where people get sent to there younger self.
    I am getting that exact same feeling.
    if only I can remember this feeling forever.
    lesson learned. one small mistake like opening the internet even if you think it's for 20 minutes once can ruin a perfectly productive and happy day.

    I seriously need to quit internet. or at least not open it in morning.
    God why is this so addictive? I know exactly why it is so addictive. I know myself.
    Ok let's not open it till tomorrow evening.
    I also had a nightmare today and woke up in cold sweats. It involved a table and napolean robbing people selling vegatables on street after we killed hitler even though he was innocent and hadn't done anything evil yet.
    The ground is ripe for another great scientist. Standard model finally broke a little. First person who happens to have right intuition about this is set for life.
    So start imagining and you would be forever called a genius. The seat is open all of who daydream and have a degree may apply.
    Maybe this time it would be someone who did not do calculus at 14.
    once again mukosho tensei proves it's superiority and how realistic it is.
    you know why rudeus got bullied.
    he was good at computer so he neglected study so had to go in shit highschool. where he admonished a ddelinquent for cutting in line infront of him instead of just ignoring it or laughing it off.
    so he got bullied.
    damm this is a good advice. have patience ignore don't escalate
    After a long time I am actually satisfied with my progress over the course of the day. Turns out you need a good teacher if you want to study organic chem and have a shit textbook. Someguy had uploaded really really good lectures for all of my syllabus online and i did not look at them
    cause i thought he was teaching kind of slow. Nope actually listening to him and understanding was way better than trying to understand from my cryptic textbook.
    I am feeling genuine gratitude after such a long time. Man I don't think I could even remember feeling such gratitude ever. Having a teacher for STEM actually works.
    I just feel so satisfied with myself and the world. I had basically forgotten this feeling. Like there was always a nagging shadow of something missing and a feeling that i am ignoring a problem and not doing trying hard enough or not planning well. Like even if you believe in yourself such a nagging feeling remains.
    A feeling that if i repeat this day everyday then i would certainty win. and it's good enough . I so needed it.
    And I must say i have some good taste in women cause today i randomly heard my high-school crush saying
    "nyan nyan nyan" and laughing with friends at saying that. After that she remarked " We must look insane" to some other boy.

    I lacked the balls to ask her "are you acting like a cat girl?"
    What if I misheard? and it was some other reference.
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    though i am pretty sure my crush probably did not have sex. Cause well it's India. Kissing is how far you go
    Deleted member 49654
    smh the double standards.
    You have a point. Pardon my faux pas. As you clearly used the word boyfriend, this led me to believe her partner was a male.
    that (comment saying double standards) a attempt at humor by me.
    her boyfriend was male.

    when I said my friend I was talking about a dumb male friend not my crush who had sex with a uuniversity girl
    Ok i have decided to use scribblehub again. [temptation is too strong]. Now as i had deleted my email and password i can't use this account. So another account has to be used.
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