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    How to write waking up with an headache.

    Get drunk, jump off a truck, lift something heavy, and pick a fight with the floor. Then get back to us. I wrote from personal experience
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    Do you play any sports?

    Sport shooting and weightlifting in equal measures. If someone invited me for a pickup game of soccer or basketball i wouldn't say no. Personally, hunting deer is my favorite sport. Alone in the woods with nobody bothering me sounds like a great time.
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    What do you think about fluff?

    Quit putting fluff on a spectrum and assuming you can only develop one thread at a time. The only reason you notice fluff is when it cleanly separates from the main plot and has nothing to do with the main events. if your readers are turning off their brain in "fluffy" moments, they're turning...
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    Writing Prompt You wake to find you have the ability to move light, what do you do.

    i immediately use my lightbending ability to provide concert visuals for my favorite local bands. I use the money I make from my superpower to buy a gun.
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    They're not all on youtube, but I saw all of these bands live at a concert a little while ago. You can also try this on for size
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    How do you usually start your story? Why?

    Start immediately after the description. Introduce main character via dialogue that establishes their personality and dialect, then into exposition (paragraph at most). The less a story is set in modern times, the more exposition it needs. Story starts IMMEDIATELY after the description: you...
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    Who is the most unrealistic character in real life?

    Audie Murphy, at the age of 19, climbed into a flaming tank destroyer, got on the machine gun, and held off an entire company of German soldiers in WWII. He received every award from America (Medal of Honor included), and some from France and Belgium. This occurred after being denied enlistment...
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    What do you think about minimalistic style of writing?

    A lack of detail is less damning than too much detail: walls of text can be skipped, austere descriptions are easier to digest. It's still damning, in that you can't drop an audience into a foreign world and expect them to understand things, but it is less damning. It's less necessary to...
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    Colored Supremacy

    Jesus Christ that title got a laugh out of me
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    Writing Prompt The most OP, but absurdly crippling power granted to a character?

    Power: Big Man Not so much a power as a status. A 6'6" 300lb college linebacker type dude is big, and a little unusual, but not totally unheard of on Earth. He's big but he's not the biggest. Isekai him to a famtasy world where he's one of few purely human characters, and where "freakishly...
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    How do you guys write Conversations?

    The first thing I do with a character is develop their voice. Everybody talks differently. Some people have accents. Choice of words, cadence and grammar use/abuse can immediately give readers an idea of who's who in dialogue. I have a redneck character. He cusses out of hand like it's...
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    Lowest Possible Realism

    The lowest possible realism is a complete inversion or noncompliance with the fundamental laws of storytelling, narrative, and continuity. Power fantasy stories still ultimately have a cause and effect structure, they follow a path through a setting, and characters that can be made sense of by...
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    Is this a utopia/dystopia/something else and why?

    Me personally? It falls into the same sort of existential horror that solipsism and a lack of agency does. The world of pleasure you are experiencing only exists inside of your head at the mercy of a "benevolent" artificial intelligence. Outside of it, you are functionally a sack of meat with...