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    About the Glossary

    I've been using it quite a bit for my story... as a: character status sheet, spellbook, skillbook, Gods and Goddess Blessings, Locations, Beastiary, and such. At the top, I put a warning that reading the Glossary will lead to spoilers so basically read at your own discretion.
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    It's Halloween!

    I do enjoy... but much more when it lands on a weekend. As far as stories go... I have an old one I wrote way back in the day that's a flash fiction piece... not Halloween specific but sort of in the same ballpark: The Feast Written by Ben Marroquin He lived in a stone mansion...
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    Writing What Makes the most op mc

    Sounds a lot like that kid from that old Twilight Zone movie. The kid could pretty much make whatever he wanted to happen and everyone was afraid of him because of it... plus how he used it against them didn't help in getting them to like him either...
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    Which Would You Rather Reincarnate As In A Litrpg Fantasy World?

    I went with Custom Beastkin because I could customize myself however I want and with whatever powers I want... thinking a magical demi-god Lykois (aka wolf cat) beastkin.
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    What's Your Favorite Literature and Why?

    I enjoy the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. At first, I didn't think I'd like it all that much since I found the first book of the series to just be okay. But since I bought the 3 pack special I went ahead and read the next book in the series, one which focused on Werewolves and I really liked...
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    Writing Prompt And what showed up in the summoning circle was....

    A fiery dragon turtle and an ancient alchemy cauldron... unfortunately they were summoned at the same time so now you have an angry Fiery Dragon Cauldron Turtle. The bright side is once you tame it your Alchemy skills with skyrocket.
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    Favourite Anime?

    1. Log Horizon 2. Grimgar 3. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon 4. My Hero Academia 5. Carole and Tuesday btw, these are not listed in any particular order... ;)
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    What would you name a snake?

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    Showers or Baths?

    Showers... as long as they're not golden... :blob_dizzy: Just don't have time for long baths... nor for the clean up after... what can I say, I like to splash. :blob_evil_two:
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    Rewrite, edit, or continue on at end of arc?

    Your words are so true. One does not want the "Show vs. Tell" Pendulum to swing too far to either side. Striving for a balance that fits the style of the story is what I am aiming for (for me that balance is around 60% tell and 40% show). Too much show definitely makes the word count skyrocket...
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    Rewrite, edit, or continue on at end of arc?

    Going to agree with others and say just keep going forward while the ideas are still fresh in your mind and flowing. I was like you with my story, where I to had to decide whether to revise and edit what I've written (I noticed I tend to do a lot more "Tell, than show" and grammar) or move...
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    To listen too or not listen to a suggestion from my story's comment section?

    Thanks all for taking the time to comment and offer up some insights and advice. I thought about it some more and discovered 2 reasons why they calling each other little brother and Big Sister didn't seem so odd to me: 1. I'm 1 ft taller than my oldest sister... and yup, she would introduce me...
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    To listen too or not listen to a suggestion from my story's comment section?

    I receive the following suggestion in the comment section of my story on another site, but it's been on my mind now so I thought I'd get it out of my head and put them (them being thoughts) onto these forums: ******** comment/suggestion from a reader ****************** big sister big sister...
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    What are you currently watching?

    What I'm currently watching at this moment is a fun, new anime they just add to Netflix: Carole and Tuesday. I'm really liking the characters and especially the music. I'm more than likely going to end up binge-watching the whole series.
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    What are your fav novels this year?

    Nope. Not in book 1, Volume 1. Although the MC does start off heartbroken but then after that, he has other things to worry about (romance is the furthermost thing from his mind.) As for future books... I don't foresee anything of the sort for him for quite some time because of his age, as for...