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    Writing Prompt A System Apocalypse occurred, you are a Crafter who makes excellent weaponry....but the "armor" you make for females earns you a slap to the face

    When the System Apocalypse occurred, your powers were great for crafting weapons and armor for your defense. The problem appeared when you started crafting armor for others, sure the weapons were good, but the fairer sex you crafted armor for righteously took offense at what you unintentionally...
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    Recommendations Female MC who finds herself wearing "armor/clothing" that is lewd/fanservicey and fights in it

    And somehow defies the laws of physics Can be as modest as 2B from NiER Automata
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    Recommendations Crafter MC who makes "armor" that is lewd but surprisingly effective

    Only reason they work is due to "The System" altering reality to make a Chainmail Bikini actually reduce the amount of damage taken, make a leotard NOT give a lady wedgies and make it so she can run whilst wearing high heels I don't care about "realism" or how it's "sexist", just give me a rec...