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    Free First Chapter Feedback (V2) Thank you for the thought in advance
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    A little spin from the usual isekai trope

    - bullied MC gets isekai'd with the entire class(as always) - they get summoned as heroes to defeat the soon-to-be newly revived demon king according to an oracle - a priest proceeds to activate their magical circuits to allow them to wield skills and magic - all classmates receive several...
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    Tell me about the protagonist in your story?

    Protagonist name: Lucas White(the last name is not used that much so just Lucas will do) He gets summoned to another world(typical isekai), but before that, he has conquered the earth be it in martial arts, business, politics, military and everything else. As for his goals, his goals in this...
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    Who is your strongest character(s) VS Who becomes the most powerful when pushed to their edge?

    If I were to exclude the Goddess of creation's final form, "Primordial Serapheme" It would be Goddess of creation While most powerful when pushed to edge is the protagonist
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    Say something nice about your story

    Hmmm... If you like your protagonist being absurdly overpowered for the challenges he was supposed to face to the point that the novel almost becomes a wholesome slow-life plot, then look not anymore for this is what you're looking for!
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    Free feedback thread.

    yeah, I noticed that it disappeared after a few minutes lol, I was just planning on giving two chapters for the sake of it and continue on my daily updates tomorrow, anyways, thanks
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    Review for revised work, An overpowered isekai, leaving no challenges for the protag lmao

    I recently opened up this account again after a long time, and I decided to revise a novel that I used to work on in the past. You guys can provide me with reviews and feedback, or you can just simply sit back and be one of my readers...
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    Free feedback thread. Nothing is better than free feedback u can reply here, thanksss
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    Could use some feedback for my oneshot

    Thanks, this is actually just a short story that came to mind suddenly, so I just wrote it down without thinking about it too much. And also, this is just going to be one of the minor backstories of some supporting characters in a novel that I'm planning to write. Anyways, thanks for the feedback
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    Could use some feedback for my oneshot

    This is the link: Final Song
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    Looking to do reviews

    This is just a quick write of mine, I could use a review mate. Final song
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    How to change username?

    How do you change your username in scribblehub? nvm, already found out lol
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    Feedback for my first work(^v^)

    Thanks for this, I'll try to make some changes in the near future! and also, like I said this is a first for me, so I don't how it should work out, but the only thing I can do right is to just keep improving things even if it's bit by bit lol
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    Free First Chapter Feedback

    Hellooo, would like to have your feedback on mine! thanks!
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    Feedback for my first work(^v^)

    This story of mine is pretty generic, so don't expect too much, just want to see your feedback