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    Could use some feedback for my oneshot

    Thanks, this is actually just a short story that came to mind suddenly, so I just wrote it down without thinking about it too much. And also, this is just going to be one of the minor backstories of some supporting characters in a novel that I'm planning to write. Anyways, thanks for the feedback
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    Could use some feedback for my oneshot

    This is the link: Final Song
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    Looking to do reviews

    This is just a quick write of mine, I could use a review mate. Final song
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    How to change username?

    How do you change your username in scribblehub? nvm, already found out lol
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    Feedback for my first work(^v^)

    Thanks for this, I'll try to make some changes in the near future! and also, like I said this is a first for me, so I don't how it should work out, but the only thing I can do right is to just keep improving things even if it's bit by bit lol
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    Free First Chapter Feedback

    Hellooo, would like to have your feedback on mine! thanks!
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    Feedback for my first work(^v^)

    This story of mine is pretty generic, so don't expect too much, just want to see your feedback
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    My first time writing a wn

    Oh god, sorry I forgot LMAOO
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    My first time writing a wn

    Hello everyone, Since this is my first time writing a webnovel, I tried to make it as generic and uncomplicated as possible, where I can just let my imagination run wild. The story is an isekai with OP protagonist(like I said, generic). Isekais are my favorite genre, that's why I chose this...
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    Dumb question:

    thanks for the praise
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    I can predict whether your story will become popular or not

    Try mine, it goes like this: The MC became a king at a young age, due to his responsibilities, challenges, and problems, he wasn't able to experience a normal child and teenage life. However, one night, while defending his country, he almost died at battle, but before he knew it, a has already...
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    Dumb question:

    So I can use it like a character dictionary? thanks
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    Dumb question:

    How do you use the glossary feature?
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    Gimme something to read

    Yeah, try my shameless work, I don't know if you'll like it though