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    Is it me or does everyone put on a song for the mood of the book

    I do not listen to music in general lol
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    You wake up 10 minutes before work/school, but both your legs are asleep. What do you do?

    Go on my phone to increase the tension of the incoming doom of being late and then eventually frantically run around, speedrunning any% glitchless to do what I need to do, usually school
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    What to do with my ever increasing hate on silent readers

    Expect absolutely nothing when logging on, I barely even expect any one of my new chapters to get half the views of my last, basically, just expect the worst
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    Author tiers

    Oh hey xeoz
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    Writing Rewriting, need some tips

    For number 4 you can use or search up synonyms. I can edit your chapters if you want me to though, for free ofc. I'm a native speaker ig so maybe I can help? Idk, add my discord if you want me to. It's: NOOT NOOT MOFOS#8888
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    Does your skill add or multiply?

    At first, it will multiply, then it will add. Once you're not able to see your flaws it becomes grueling, and exponentially more difficult to improve. That's my experience with games only. Idk about drawing, bad at it. Would probably multiply the ugliness tbh
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    Writing Designing Your Cover

    Steal one FeelsIllegalMan Or course give credit though
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    After the demon king, what would you do?

    Try to go back home, yandere stops you. You realize you were lied to by the goddess and the demon king was preventing the goddess from taking over the world. Get betrayed by all your comrades because they are under the influence from the goddess, basically brainwashing them. You inherit the...
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    I need unpleasant stories or experiences that a girl can do to a man.

    Abuse, sexual abuse, making your mc lose friends, making your mc feel anxious about himself using shit talking, rumors, situations where he looks bad/is misunderstood, etc.
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    By the way, how old are you?

    I'm 15
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    Found my old NUF blog

    Update yan dating system ಠ_ಠ
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    Entered a contest and I am getting bad rating.

    Oof, I'll rate your story 5 stars. Good luck finding a fix or just help in general. That sucks...
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    Does anyone have list of all the flaws that a character can have

    Oh no, don't bring reality into this. Too real...
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    looking for reverse world theme This one, you might like it, maybe not. I'm just waiting for the next chapter, and you, you reading this. Upload your chapter, start writing, stop looking at these posts. UPLOAD
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    How Good Are You At OSU?

    Same, sorry for the late reply. I'll add you in the morning