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    Editing Hating your own work.

    When you read over your work, either during editing or rewriting. How do you not hate what you write? When I edit what I wrote, I tend to hate what I wrote. Which results in me losing lots of motivation to write some more. How do I learn to love my own work?
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    How much romance do you put in your stories?

    It really depends of if it would fit in the story
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    It finally happened!

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    What element would you choose?

    Control water = control people
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    A new magic system

    One thing I always had trouble with when I'm writing modern fantasy is how normal people interact with magic? Like are they treated like trash, is it toxic to them, and etc. In the end, I decided that normal people can't PHYSICALLY/MENTALLY notice the energy that allows magic. Like how people...
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    (Poll) Do You Believe in Karma?

    I was always taught, treat others how you want to be treated. So that's why I voted maybe as I was taught to think something similar but I can't really believe something fully without some hard proof.
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    Forgotten Title Character reborn into a different genre.

    I'm not sure if I'm just bad at finding it or if I just dreamt it. But I'm looking for a story(Can't remember if it was a novel or manga) where the main character was a cartoon character reborn into a more realistic world. And has to deal with living in a world where people die more easily, and...
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    Scribble Hub Stories Recommendations

    Thx and I will
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    If a bad review gets to be the most upvoted one, will you consider abandoning/restarting the story?

    I think it's up to what the writer feels, if you don't want to write a story despite how good or bad it is. Then you shouldn't force yourself, but if you want to continue the story. Then you should continue despite what the comment/review makes you feel. But that's just what I think.
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    Scribble Hub Stories Recommendations

    Like the title says. I've been pretty bored lately, so I decided to ask for story recommendations. I'm fine with any type of story as long as it's on scribble Hub. So feel free to recommend your stories if you want. I'm posting this pretty late, so my hopes are, to have some recommendations when...
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    Editing How the Heck Do You Find Motivation to Go Back and Edit Your Chapters?!

    kk, will read it on web novel, I have the app and read lots of stories there. One of my fav is Chrysalis, which can also be read here:
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    Editing How the Heck Do You Find Motivation to Go Back and Edit Your Chapters?!

    No, I have not. Thank you for another potential great meal.
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    Editing How the Heck Do You Find Motivation to Go Back and Edit Your Chapters?!

    Yea, your right I should go back into my reading addiction and read one of the hundred stories in my to-read list.