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    Forgotten Title MC abducted, directs genocide army then banished

    It sounds interesting. Very. :unsure:
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    Broke through my record. Never did I think I would reach chapter 50. Check out the new chapter...

    Broke through my record. Never did I think I would reach chapter 50. Check out the new chapter.
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    Sup :blob_cookie:

    Sup :blob_cookie:
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    My Vol. 7 is up! (Illustrations)

    Awesome illustrations Hans!
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    Writing What time periods do you think are underused as settings?

    Stone age probably. No one wants to write much about people smashing stones against each other.
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    Exclusive, non-exclusive or relying on readers for support via Patreon etc.?

    I hate to break it down to you, but there's no best path. There are established paths like doing Patreon, but that requires consistency, good quality, TIME, and well-done themes or troupes. Oh, don't forget luck. And even with that, a lot of authors still struggle. Anyway, determine your goal...
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    #25 in trending

    Congrats! Keep it up! :blobtaco:
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    I'm a wizard

    Eh, I seriously thought were talking about that.
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    Sites for free art (CC)?

    Pexels, Pixabay, that's all I could offer for now. XD
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    Free Novel Covers!!! [CLOSED]

    Your book cover for Wulfos really grows on me the more I look at it. :unsure::blob_hide:
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    How do you know if you hit Trending?

    And by the way, Leti's the one who'll take you silently at night, she'll be the one inserting the chip for SH's sake. :blob_cookie:
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    Congrats! :blobtaco:

    Congrats! :blobtaco:
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    About emotional impact...

    Drop em' the moment they killed her. Like what the hell are you doing dear author?
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    Recommendations Time loop or time travel

    Mother Of Learning by Nobody Perfect Run by Void Herald
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    Banned from leaving a review

    You're point is really good. Unfortunately, not all authors take things as a mere grain of salt. Sometimes, it also hurts a lot on their part. That's one thing I learned. A painful lesson both as reader and an author. So if I want to help the author become better I tend to send it via dm...