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    Writing Prompt Battle Between An Archmage and a Shadow Assasin

    "I know your skill set, Emil. I know it all too well. One by one, our Bishops have fallen to your hand. Today that ends. [Miniature Sun!]" With a wave of his hand, the archmage created a burning sphere of spinning, blind light. No shadows remained under his will. No place to hide, or to use...
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    Any good books to read?

    he who fights with monsterse
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    500 word limit story starting with "A single sneeze was all it took..."

    A single sneeze was all it took. Its funny how things can go so wrong, so fast. I had rehearsed this so many times. I was going to enter the building, slide the note to the teller, and be out with the cash in 5. I couldn't have known someone in the crowd would pick today of all days to play...
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    Making Useless Deities Busted

    When they shuffled me off to my new world, I was excited. Elated. Abso-fucking-lutely thrilled to be done with my 18 Aeons in God Training School. You know what they made me the fucking god of? Magnets. You ever hear of anyone worshiping magnets? Of course not! And as if it couldn't get...