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  • ♪If I were a Deep One♪
    ♪Doo-be doo-be doo-be do-be dobe do!♪
    ♪All day long I'd sleep beneath the Sea♪
    ♪If I were a Deep One!♪
    ♪Get to eat the tourists!♪
    ♪Doo-be doo-be doo-be do-be dobe do!♪
    I dislike living in a city but I sure enjoy touring them. No matter how big or small, there is something very fresh and interesting (not necessarily exciting) about driving in a car and looking out of the window and seeing the new to you building and trees and roads. A very unique feeling. Even my own city, I do enjoy driving the tram around at the evening.
    But living here is hell. All things in moderation.
    The idea of playing Chet Baker's melancholic "almost blue" and Voltaire's outright depressing "feathery wings" (lyric snippets on my pfp btw awesome songs) during difficult workout was pretty rad. Sapping motivation-wise, but hillarious otherwise. Shoulda added some radiohead.
    If I only had a week to live, I'd go climb the nearest mountain, and overdose on sleeping pills there.
    Just a random brain convultion moment
    ♪You, there on the bridge♪
    ♪Where've you been, what's your name?♪
    ♪And you, there on the wall♪
    ♪Where will you go to, once you fall?♪
    ♪You, lost at sea♪
    ♪Do you need me, do you need directions?♪
    ♪Hey, put down the gun♪
    ♪What are you thinking?♪
    ♪You were someone's son♪
    ♪The taste of tears♪
    ♪The sting of pain♪
    ♪The smell of fear♪
    ♪The sounds of crying, oh♪
    ♪It's quarter to three♪
    ♪There's no one in the place♪
    ♪'Cept you and me♪
    ♪So set 'em up, Joe♪
    ♪I got a little story♪
    ♪Think you wanna know♪
    ♪We're drinking my friend♪
    ♪To the end♪
    ♪Of this brief episode♪
    ♪So make it one for my baby♪
    ♪And one more for the road♪
    ♪Almost blue♪
    ♪Almost doing things we used to do♪
    ♪There's a girl here and she's almost you♪
    ♪Almost all the things that you promised with your eyes♪
    ♪I see in hers too♪
    ♪Now your eyes are red from crying♪
    ♪Almost blue♪
    wait, is King Kong named after Sun Wukong?
    Merian C. Cooper said he was very fond of strong, hard-sounding words that started with the letter "K"

    he wanted to capture a real gorilla from the Congo and have it fight a real Komodo dragon on Komodo Island

    Cooper was fascinated by Burden's adventures as chronicled in his book Dragon Lizards of Komodo where he referred to the animal as the "King of Komodo"
    It was this phrase along with "Komodo" and "Kongo" [sic] (and his overall love for hard sounding "K"-words) that gave him the idea to name the giant ape "Kong". He loved the name, as it had a "mystery sound" to it.
    I somehow miss the past. Not even for what had been, or what could have been, or what will be when now or some of the future becomes the past - but for an inexplicable reason.
    ♪Tangerine, she is all they claim♪
    ♪With her eyes of night and lips as bright as flame♪
    ♪Tangerine, when she dances by,♪
    ♪Senõritas stare and caballeros sigh♪
    Bought a Chinese knockoff G-shock watch for pennies (needed a cheap watch for convenience). After looking at how to set up its weird inteface, I decided to maybe buy the real deal in the future - since it turns out these are made to be shock resistant. Though I still feel the design is clunky
    Chances are, some world war is probably going to happen, or some other huge bad terrible thing during my lifetime. Maybe the environment is going to give the middle finger to humanity, or some mega asteroid is going to come to drink tea - just looking at history, some cray cray shit is bound to come down.
    And that is going to void all of my degrees, take my property and chew me up just for the laughs.
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