Erika is a simple village girl bound to the unspoken rules of her village that pushes her to become a good, obedient wife. Her greatest wish is to break free from those puppet strings that restrains her and live as wondrous a life as those characters from her bedtime stories.

Marian is a Rover afflicted with wanderlust. Having lost those she loved on the battlefield, she travels from place to place, trying to fill the emptiness inside her. When Marian finds Erika who so resembles a lost friend, she extends her hand in aid.

Awakened to a new strength with the help of a benevolent stranger, Erika resolves to step beyond the boundaries around the village marked by fairy rings, to lead her own life as she pleases, and to make her mark on a world that is bigger than herself. This time, the one who holds the strings will be her.


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