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    What is your comfort food?

    I don't have a comfort food, but when I'm hungry and I want something to eat, I basically just boil: 2 cups water 2 cups chicken stock 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon sugar some sesame oil (tiny drop) 1 egg per cup of fluid, poured into the soup in ribbons green onions behold, the simplest of the...
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    That Alphabet Word Game

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    What Isekai-type MC you hated the most?

    Everyone kind of MC that doesn't result in yuri, but- in this order: 1. harem 2. stupid 3. white knight 3. narcissistic 5. mass murderer edit: yes, don't forget perverted. that's right up there with harem.
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    That Alphabet Word Game

    Nordic Who's going to check for repeats :blob_popcorn:
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    Clothes Shopping

    I forgot. Shows how much I care about fashion. All I buy are t-shirts that are rather plain that I wear year round. Shorts if its hot, long pants if it's cold. A sweater over my t-shirts if it's chilly, and if it's cold, a jacket over the sweater too.
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    The Flexing Phase

    I certainly never used a thesaurus to flex. Only to find words that might better fit the situation.
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    Implemented Well-Known Author title changes

    I think Well-Known Author is a title that is rather arbitrary and a misnomer. Currently all you need to do is publish around 5 short stories that no one reads to get it. On the other hand, if you have 1 really popular story, you won't get it. Therefore I propose that the requirements be changed...
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    Happy 1st Birthday, Scribble Hub!!!

    No balls. Jk and /s are for cowards
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    Writing R-18 and Mermaids

    Oh well. I'm just going to...leave this here. :kek:
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    Recommend some Music

    Nights of Azure ost. It sounds good and is from a yuri game to boot, so win win.
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    Writing R-18 and Mermaids

    I'm not sure why you would split centaurs and mermaids. A centaur is literally a human on a horse and a mermaid is literally a human on a fish. Functionally, there's no difference between whether its okay to have sex with one or the other if the only criteria is likeness to a real world animal...
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    Writing R-18 and Mermaids

    This is basically splitting hairs. Better safe than sorry. Dragons are probably fine since they're not real though.
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    Did You Know This Feature Existed? #1: Series Finder

    This is a carry-over from NU so most people probably know about this. I wonder if ScribbleHub has any features that newcomers won't know about? The reading list function will be familiar to NU peeps, but other sites like Royalroad (LUL) lacks such a feature.
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    Mirroring story from own site, okay or not?

    If you want to see a hijacked thread, try this one.