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    Does anyone here play GACHA games?

    I play a lesser known game called Sdorica. There's so many great characters in that game. Something for everyone, guaranteed. Token anime-style catgirl? Kittyeyes (yes, that really is her name) Like your catgirls a lot more furry? Fatima (her max rarity version runs around technically topless)...
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    Worst gifts to give someone

    My sister-in-law has a friend who will be having his 7th kid sometime this year (from woman number 5... he's never been married). For his birthday, she got him a pack of condoms and a vasectomy information pamphlet.
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    Random Food Poll: Chicken vs. Bacon

    Bacon-wrapped chicken fingers drizzled with a thick beef broth based sauce. :blob_hide:
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    When writing off the bad ends of bad guys, to what level of violence and gores are readers willing to tolerate?

    It can be satisfying too if their end looks like some clear karmic justice. A man who's raped and killed more women than he can bother to remember? Kill him off with some extra intense butt-splitting lovin' from Big Bubba.
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    My experience with comedy

    I like satirical comedy. Insults and making people look stupid, poking fun at past mistakes; that sort of thing. For example, I've been kicking around an idea of an isekai where the reincarnated MC is genre savvy and he lambasts every trope he runs into. It's like he's the only normal guy in a...
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    We Need to Invent A New Word

    Burnt out?
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    Give me some Isekai Fantasy Tropes to make satire of.

    Super horny beast girls - Sure, but it only happens for only one week out of the whole year, which is at a different date for each and every one. At all other times they act like they've got PMS and glare at any man who even looks at them funny. "Adventurers" being a thing in the first place...
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    Your last played Video Game character has to kill you in 24hrs

    I shall be given despair for Christmas, apparently.