Character Sheet - AIEO
GenderFemaleRaceVanus assassinLevel7 (4490 / 5600 EXP) Rank E
Age15ClassInfocite - Unbound*Money499.5G
Appears to be of the human species of the female persuasion and of a fully mature age. Has a visor covering one eye. Body is covered in a skin tight fabric the suit is primarily white though the left foot is covered in a purple patch up to the ankle. There is a skull that surround each of my ankles, knees, elbows. What looks like the imprint of a skull around the groin area and a chain of skulls that runs around my neck. The eye visible to the world is a bright blue almost as if it was reflecting the sky. The hidden eye changes colour to match the view that is reflected in it and has no pupil or cornea. Hair colour is Green and carries around a skull with some kind of syringe on it. Right arm has a pad with buttons that appear to be useless. New Clothes
Vanus operatives are trained from a young age by the Vanus Temple to serve the will of the Empire. They are generally outfitted with heavy amounts of cybernetic and other such technological advancement these cybernetics drive them the Vanus to seek out new information as Knowledge is power to them. AEIO exemplifies this philosophy preferring to deal with her enemies by circumnavigating them and allow others to gain resentment and hostility towards them and so step on to the path of destroying them.
Trained in the arts of the operative an infocite is expected to be able to deal with any threat they will generally face in a hands off manner through the manipulation of funds and assets of their targets and their acquaintances. Infocites have fairly light body modifications compared to members of the other assassin temples. AEIO is outfitted with hyper advanced and small mechanical flies which allow her to tap into any electronic system at the level of her home world and is thus able to gather information from this technology via the mechanical flies. AEIO ended up in this world due to an accident occurring with the transportation method she was hiding in a sorcerers mind going rogue and basically tapping into the endless power of the world a large explosion and corrupted engine of woe. At the time she was equipped for a routine termination mission of a heretic leader whom she would never meet and was under the disguise as a crossbow enthusiast hence the arm mounted crossbow fashionable on the world being in her employ rather than the standard Vanus repeating crossbow with small poison tipped darts. At the time the flies and other data gathering technology that AEIO was equipped with where engaged actively protecting and monitoring the situation around her when the sorcerer went fully rogue. Hence all items lost. Before the collapse the Cryptocrat released AEIO's status making her unbound. Stranded in this new world in her skin tight suit with the single shot crossbow and a now useless service skull AEIO prepares to designate and remove targets for the Throne-world as she starts her new mission as an unbound infocite.
Arm mounted crossbowA single shot crossbow unloaded.
VisorA Broken visor may have some residual electrical charge
TattooA tattoo on the small of her back to show that she is part of the Misers gang.
Basic crossbow trainingHas been taught how to use a manual loaded crossbow especially for the mission she was sent on but is not that competent at it.
Information overloadIf she has access to to much information massive amounts of mental strain are placed on the Infocite which can lead to death due to the mental augmentation.
Basic Vanus trainingThe basic training that all Vanus operatives go through which includes light hand to hand training and situation management training to keep track of 100's of data points at once. Often leads to trouble if forced to rely on singular data sets.
Eel ridingLearnt how to ride Eel's from the Lizardmen in Albatross
Adventurer's Guild Card
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RaceSilver-Steel human
OccupationPaladin Squire
GoalTo become a Paladin proper
Appears to be wearing armour all over her body.
However this is not actually her true appearance for her arms and hand are actually made of metal.
However the rest of her body is actually wearing armour.
Sense laws: Will supply any law that may conflict with the Paladins Creed
Turn Minor undead: She can destroy the weakest of undead with a simple turn of phrase.
Paladins aura: Gives off an aura that she is a reliable person if they spend a significant amount of time around her. 1-2 months. Or can be expended to quickly gain a single individuals trust.
Silver-Steel Curse: A racial curse that makes any basic metal that she touches with her hands will begin to corrode at a visible pace. Goes through all forms of hand cover however does not affect stuff touching her arms.
Paladins Frost aura: Able to create a small snowstorm around herself.
Paladins blade: Coats the blade she is using in a golden glow that returns the blade to normal.
Paladin burst: Creates a burst of energy in an area. It also highlights the person to her senses so she can see them through walls and other obstacles.
Full plate armour minus gauntlets and greaves, Rusting bloodstained sword, red skirt, money pouch and
Won't break any law of the land they are unless it would clash with the paladins creed. Will always try and turn the law to help as many people as she can.
She hates taking off her armour as it will begin to corrode due to her racial ability.



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