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    Sentences/Paragraphs Test and Edit

    A white lumpy rod-shaped object flew out of the flaming light. It has green phantom lines, red break stripes, and a short yellow bar that appeared in the center of the spacecraft's body as the eye. (Here you can use stripes) or even: It has green phantom lines that intertwine with red ones on...
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    top 3 favourite novels

    I felt like it was rushed, the ending that is. Other than that I wanted to see more, next on the bookshelf the "red sister trilogy." One that I'm extremely eager to buy is this one: -The Girl and the Stars. Cheers :3
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    top 3 favourite novels

    1- Prince of Thorns (Book by Mark Lawrence.) 2- Nidome No Yuusha (Light/Web Novel) 3- The Death Mage Who Doesn't Want a Fourth Time (Light/Web Novel)
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    The power of good art.

    Just wanted to say, the cover looks pretty good! :blob_cookie:
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    What songs are you listening to?

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    What is your max chapter limit?

    me, I believe good works can go infinite chapters!
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    Two things you can’t argue against.

    Can't there be ntr the other way around? Oo
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    Reviews are in need.

    Since you're going as far as to color it, white "angelic as possible wings" vs black "with red dots, or even veins flowing through.
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    What is the last thing you would do before committing suicide?

    Not sure what that's like, but I guess eating all the things I love, could be a worthy past thing. And maybe write a goodbye letter to those that mattered.
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    does anyone knows what these monsters are called?

    White Walkers or vampires, maybe even ghouls
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    When do weekly rising ranking reset?

    Daily lasts for one day and weekly lasts for a week. For daily, they usually reset at 2 am, weekly possibly 2 am on Sunday(not 100% sure). Being in one may not mean you get into the other, but it could overall end up influencing your entry in both.
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    What do you think of her?

    Possibly one of those shy/innocent school girl characters you can find in animes. Can easily be a friendly one too.
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    What impression do you get from this man?

    kind and perhaps innocent
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    How to get those pesky Webnovel people to leave you alone

    They can send a DM, but they always ask for your email, they don't do "business" otherwise, and all in all, they do pay for the work done, so it's not like they're "demons." For people who need cash, it's not that unreasonable.
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    How to get those pesky Webnovel people to leave you alone

    Personally, made it so that I hid my email from everywhere, that way they can't propose a contract nor message you. In your case, now that they did, the best is simply to say your story already belongs to a professional publishing company, and as such, you cannot do anything with/about it...