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    Recommendations Good Smut

    It has a bit of plot and may or may not focus on the smut part. As long as it's not all smut smut smut. I become tired for the characters if all they do is nsfw straight for like, 10 long chapters. As reference, something like Indulging in Carnal Desire? There's a bit of plot and it is mostly...
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    Feature Request Pinned Comments on "Questions"

    At the moment, there are no "Questions" dropdown category on ScribbleHub Discussion. But most of the posts there are questions, if I'm not wrong. Pinned comment refers to the answer to the question posted. Maybe the thread creator can pin the correct best answer for him or her. Or it could be...
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    Trending Algorithm

    What are the things that should be met in order to make it to the trending? For example: How many views? Duration? Timeframe to generate the trending? Is it hourly or daily trending? Something else? What is the basis of the rankings right now?
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    Writing How to Write an Isekai

    It's not yet posted. I alsoalsodon't don't have any chapters yet. But I'm planning to make something decent and realistic instead of a wish fulfillment sort
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    <Ask>I want to delete some of my chapters, are my views and favorites in that chapter will gone?

    So what happened? If you ended up deleting it, did the views and favorites decreased?
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    I want to have a decent story cover

    I prefer if it's art style is the same with the style in most translated novels posted in Webnovel. But I don't really have the money to hire an artist. I know that I don't have the skills to make an anime illustration of my preferred art style. So I'm planning to either use an avatar maker or...
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    Writing How to Write an Isekai

    Surprisingly, I haven't found much about this on google. Or maybe I'm so dumb at searching, but yeah. If you know useful resources, just paste the links here. Also, I'm asking for your recommendations to a more effective and well-written isekai. Skip the "read a lot of isekai novels" because...
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    Nope. Anything is good~
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    Smut Recommendations And what made you like it, some sort of brief description. You can also add something you could have preferred.
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    Recommendations Funny Novels

    Kinda like Merge Riot! humor. Looking for something like that. I've read that the most recent. Or something like Transcending the Nine Heavens. Novels where protagonists are not too good, in a way. (Btw, I recommend TTNH even though I dropped it. The development is... meh. I actually enjoyed...
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    Adult Genre Cliches

    And some recommendations too. :)