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Do you like witty banter, mythology, making fun of tropes in all types of media, and Ironic jokes fused with bullying and sarcasm galore, all of it being for comedic effect well, well, well check this shit out - https://www.scribblehub.com/series/517995/incredible-bastards/

THE THIRD EPISODE IS OUT TOOK A MONTH https://www.scribblehub.com/read/483389-the-city-of-dullk-the-brimstone-blader/chapter/519163/

ALSO VOTEEEEEEE - https://www.scribblehub.com/read/523279-voting-battle-with-animals/chapter/523280/ EVERYTIME YOU MAKE A VOTE GO TO MY STATUS OR USE THE POLL IN THE EPISODE _ BUT Read and vote for who you want eliminated



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