I'm warning everyone that I am a flawed individual. I am very nice until I become an enemy. However, I have many fundamental existential problems. I want to make friends, but I don't like people and I hate socializing. :blob_facepalm:

My favourite things are,
Villainess Noble Girls Ohohoho
Jan 1, 1900 (Age: 123)
Ryukyu Kingdom


I made my character image with this website.

[Name]: Soo Villainous (foreign names sure are strange)
[Age]: 15
[Gender]: Villainess (psst, abyssal demon, wink)

[Background]: Naturally Soo's broke family never had the financial ability to send her to a prestigious magic academy. So how exactly did she manage to enroll in the academy? Student loans. Unless Soo is able to ingratiate herself to the upper class, secure a future career path, and graduate successfully she will be stuck with a terrible debt. If Soo defaults on her student debt she will likely wind up sold to some corrupt noble, which is fine with her since she could probably work cooperatively with a corrupt noble. Soo doesn't even really care about the debt because the world is literally on the verge of destruction.

Soo is low-key interested in doing the abysal demon's bidding in return for generous rewards. (just saying) Soo isn't a fool; just because the Goddess of Light calls herself a goddess everything comes down to power. The Abyssal demon has already displayed enough power to interfere with the Goddess's plans and has the power to destroy an entire world. Soo will wait to see how everything plays out and hopefully join the winning side.

Soo is also very treacherous and will try to play both sides (the Goddess and Abyssal Demon) for profit. Soo is interested in more than just survival and desires a fascinating life worth living, even if such a life would be short.

[Life on Earth]: Wanted to become a villainess due to the perceived glamour of the position. They spent their entire life attempting to improve their skills for the sake of a silly ideal. While reading a light novel about a splendid villainess they didn't pay attention to where they were walking. Slipping on a banana peel they died tragically. Due to their ungraceful death they died with extreme regret, but little did they know their vengeful soul would be reincarnated in another world for some still unknown purpose. Ohohoho.

[Family History]: Soo is from a commoner family. Their family situation is terrible due to poverty. Despite their pressing economic conditions the parents are decent. Soo's parents have had to give up their own aspirations and live in a crushing reality where they are forced to perform low-end jobs. Soo's father is a general labourer, while their mother is a maid for a well-to-do merchant family.

@Yorda, you rolled: 3, 2
[Wealth]: [3 - Very poor]
[Parents]: [2 Decent]
[Due to rolling 1x Fortunate Events were received]
[Fortunate event was used CLICK HERE - good read btw] (Way better than the character description above ...)

[Magical Talent - Upgraded 1 Time] - Above Average [Locked]

2x Set of fitting school clothes
1x Set of casual clothes
1x Dangerous student loan debt
0x Fortunate event
0x Degraded blessing

Obtained: Dark Magic Affinity Boost
Obtained: Increase Magical Talent from Average --> Above Average
System Warning: Walnut Seed of Evil Has Germinated

[Impact Points]: 0
[Gold Coins]: 0

[Current Academy Schedule]
Period 1: Arcane Magic I
Period 2: Magic I
Period 3: Lunch
Period 4: Elemental Magic I
Period 5: Combat I
Period 6 - Extra Curriculars: *foraging for food*

Period 1: Magic Swordsman Training
Period 2: Adventuring I
Period 3: Lunch
Period 4: Healing I
Period 5: Sorcery I
Period 6 - Extra Curriculars: *foraging for food*
GENDER???RACENot a lowly commoner. Ohohoho.LEVEL1 (0 / 200 EXP)
AGESecret. Desu.CLASSVillainessMONEY300G
As a villainess they boast an intrinsic superior appearance. Needlessly good looking (Just look at that face!) they go about their day to day life.
They have been known to laugh, ohohoho, like an idiot for no reason whatsoever. Their villainess instincts often activate forcing overbearing and condescending rhetoric to flow from their mouth. Outwardly they appear to be brimming with overwhelming self-confidence and hubris, but it is simply the result of their villainous face. Within their mind they are constantly suffering from an inferiority complex and panic constantly at the mouth they fail to control.
A no good human being overwhelmingly obsessed with villainesses was summoned to another world. Through various inexplicable alternative universe physical laws they corporeally manifested as the focus of their obsessions, a villainess.
Grandiose Fancy DressA dress of superior quality befitting someone of high society. Despite its impressive appearance it provides no stat improvements. It maintains its ostentatious appearance through self-cleaning and restoration functions.
Bitchy DaggerThis poor excuse for a weapon has seen better days. Stings like a knife. Much worse than a paper cut.
Natural BitchPower is proportionally and greatly boosted when fighting weaker opponents.
Weakness to Heroine ElementExtra damage is received from heroine element attacks.
Over-thonkThe user ponders and broods to the point of casting confusion on all targets including themselves.
Flame LVL 1A small controllable flame is produced.
BlindA small amount of darkness magic is cast in front of the target's eyes momentarily blocking their vision.
OverlordCan command minions/henchmen/followers to bully their target. Current minions: Mochi Bunny Yoyo


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