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    Anime is dead.

    If there are any yuri anime I'll watch it
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    Demigod Isekai

    Athena x Artemis isekai lets go
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    I don't like nuts of any kind. They get stuck in my teeth when I chew them

    I don't like nuts of any kind. They get stuck in my teeth when I chew them
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    This might not be your cup o' tea, but please tell me your opinion on this novel I'm working on!

    I don't know yet, but since it's yuri I've added it to my reading list and will eventually get to it
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    What do you, as a reader, like to see in a novel?

    First and foremost, gay girls Second, the gayness of the girls taking a back (but still present) seat to the (interesting and not not too tragic/angsty )plot Third, good grammar and spelling. Surprisingly, grammar is one of the things I worry about least as long as the writer attempts to...
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    Have any of you guys ever done copywriting before?

    I hate advertising to people because I always feel like I'm scamming them, and most of the time, my bosses do make me promise too much. So now I stopped
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    Optional Date Cut-off for Comment Reply Notifications

    Alternatively, somehow allow the user to stop receiving comment reply notifications from a story that you dropped. Maybe this can be somehow it into the new reading list system?
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    I can't even surpass a story that updates zero times a week and only has three chapters

    Or do be like Ince and drop every unpopular story! One of us, one of us!
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    asking for free stuff

    Word of the rules, not the spirit of it. Also:
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    asking for free stuff

    On the other hand, you also have artists silently selling their art for super cheap, so you should just chalk it up to artists who post on social media are naturally bigger-mouthed and have bigger ego... because less loud people are less likely to be on social media. So there's that natural...
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    Resolved Can't Delete Story

    Huh. That's weird. Have you tried copy and pasting the title instead of writing it? Else I have no idea what's going on. Maybe try logging out and back in and doing the classic cookie/cache flush
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    asking for free stuff

    People don't criticize it because it's a literal stick figure and you can't be unironic about it. People who step into that trap are the real idiots and no one wants to be an idiot. Now you actually try drawing you might get people giving you tips or whatever, but most of the time shitty art...
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    asking for free stuff

    I held out on the hope that it was an ironic post making fun of people who beg and get mad when they don't recieve, but as I read on, I am disappointed.
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    Pick a power but the next person to reply chooses a drawback.

    Drawback: You can't move the sphere and must create a new one when you want to affect a different area. When the first sphere disappears, the area goes through the changes you made, but in the opposite temperature. Power: I don't need to breathe to live a normal life.
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    Pick a power but the next person to reply chooses a drawback.

    The drawback doesn't count because it violates the spirit of my power, which is to only allow "yuri relationships" and not relationships with yuri. So the drawback is valid up to the point of the gigachad, and the world straight up ends. the end. Drawback: no one likes your original ideas...