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  1. Lurking

    Is this worth the write? I think it might be worth the read.

    This is me remembering the existence of my scribblehub account and wondering where Lychee's scribblehub account is. sauce here
  2. Lurking

    Is nudity sufficient qualifications for a sexual content warning?

    Hm, I can write completely unsexual nudity scenes, wondering if that counts for a warning for sexual content? Its just like, a bath. That means naked, but it doesn't mean sexual content. What should I do? Tag it as a warning for nudity or sexual content or nothing? Currently doing nothing...
  3. Lurking

    If Uno was an anime

    It would be like hikaru no go. … There would be inexplicable world championships of Uno. And the mc would be a disenchanted adult who used to play Uno as a kid, but stopped since his childhood bestbuddy who was better at Uno died one day since they were wild kids. Mc would be a dead inside...