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    Writing Prompt Power System suggestion

    you know your power system reminds me of one I read a while back ina novel, what was it, umm... yeah found it Battle Royale of the Sinners. it had level ups for every time someone overcame a sin of their own, the people tried to actively develop sin and then overcame it to grow in power.
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    Truth about Virginity

    reading the replies by @BenJepheneT and @FemmeFatale[/B] :oops:*Wide-Eyes*:oops: Wow just wows'
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    Truth about Virginity

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    It's Halloween!

    well, there is no Halloween in my country so.... so nothing just wanted to say that
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    Writing What Makes the most op mc

    So it's like this guys, I have been thinking of making an OP mc for my new novel, but I have some troubles thinking about what things can make him one. Please give your suggestions on what I can do.