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  1. lastaldrianmain

    Re-publish + Add Chapters or Delete

    Hey everyone So I’m kind of an extremely amateurish writer, and someone who gets pretty butt-hurt if I find something I don’t like in my previous chapters. Recently I’ve felt that something was off about my current writing, and found that I was extremely unhappy with how I handled the beginning...
  2. lastaldrianmain

    Writing Usage of a "nickname" in the narrative (different PoVs)

    Hey all! To clarify, I wanted to know what people's opinions are on using a "fake name" in the narrative. Say there's a character named Sarah, and she introduces herself to other people as Rah (or whatever I fail at spontaneous names), because she's an incredibly cautious person and only uses...
  3. lastaldrianmain

    Feedback for a new story please :)

    Hey everyone! I am really new here to the site (just signed up yesterday :)), and I uploaded my story, The Last Aldrian, as well. I was really nervous doing it, but I've been getting views! So that's pretty exciting. If anyone can, please give me some feedback! I've uploaded the story to...