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    Feature Request Restricted access

    For collabs in particular, I think such feature, if it were to be introduced, could really benefit from something like changes tracking in Word. I can already see several people writing and editing a single chapter simultaneously would quickly become an unsalvageable mess without some oversight.
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    Recommendations Good books here on scribblehub.

    The Eagle’s Flight - low fantasy, properly fleshed-out world that gets unveiled as the story progresses; several intetwining plotlines, with large cast of distinctive characters, each with their own agendas and none that can truly be called a main character. It gives me a sort-of grand strategy...
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    Recommendations need stuff to read

    Don't know any of the novels you mentioned, but since you're asking for anything fantasy, here you go: The Eagle’s Flight Fork This Life! Blue Core Reincarnated as a King [Error: Body Not Included]
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    What should I do if I try to update it every day and no one sees it?

    I don't know your level of English, but if you were the one to write the translated(?) synopsis, it clearly needs some work. It would certainly put me off from actually trying the novel. I suppose it was meant to convey something along those lines?
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    Feature Request Favorites section on SH main page

    You mean something like this?
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    I Invite Everyone

    Well, technically you only need to consider the area relevant to the story, not sure why I immediately jumped to the whole world :blob_happy:
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    Chapter Length.

    From the novels I read, the lowest average words per chapter among them are at around 2k. Anything shorter than that, and the chapters tend to either just feel bland and meaningless, or far too short to be truly enjoyable. And my actual preference is 3k+
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    I Invite Everyone

    I feel it might be better to have at least a general idea of where the story is taking place, whether you clearly mention it or not. What you could do though, is populate the Earth with new countries, some of which, might be loosely based on their current counterparts, but have the specific...
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    I Invite Everyone

    Geopolitical changes are deffinitely possible. Natural landmass shift would take very, very long time to be really noticeable though. Supervolacnoes and powerful weapons could also change landscape to a limited extent (possibly with resulting volcanic/nuclear winter), and if we're talking about...
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    Is it normal for readers to not favourite your chapter?

    There is already a novel rating, I simply see no reason to favourite more than a select few chapters, if any, that I see as a real highlight within that novel. In my eyes, favouriting every chapter just because you like the novel is hardly different from giving a novel five stars because you...
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    I Invite Everyone

    Now I need to write down this budding idea before I forget it,or decide it's not worth mentioning agian. Basically the secret police infiltrated the gang. At first disrupted some minor operations to weaken the gang and stretch it's resources. Then some more important people start disappearing...
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    I Invite Everyone

    Distillation is one idea I already mentioned, as that's fairly good at removing physical impurities. Also filtering, aside from regular filters, activated charcoal is quite good at removing toxins and not that hard to make. Ozone is also an option, it's in use since the beginning of 20th century...
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    I Invite Everyone

    I would love to help with characters and storylines just as much as I suck at making them. I can have broad ideas, but when it comes to specific characteristics, events and backstories, I draw blanks more often than not :blob_no: I had this idea for a character, a sort of mysterious scout...
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    fortnite pulled a "fight against 1984" because apple started pulling their game off the app store

    The way I see this, it is not a fight for openness, just a fight who gets the bigger slice of the pie. With how Epic operates, they have no interest in openess, they just don't want others to have exclusivity on something they could hoard to themselves. Consumers don't really have much to gain...
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    I Invite Everyone

    Good question. Three options come to mind right now: 1. Scavenged parts as you say, possibly the more expensive option 2. Melted down scrap metal, because let's face it, various metals and alloys are everywhere around us and probably would not be too hard to find in most ruins. Could be the...
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    I Invite Everyone

    I see no issue with that. I think it depends on the degree and nature of the pollution, and how desperate people get. It probably shouldnot be too common, but an option for those desperate enough. It also should not be a death sentence in such case, but still come with some risks, particularly...
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    I Invite Everyone

    Oops, we all have our weaker moments I guess :blob_joy: (my brain actually shorted out while I was writing the second comment and had to rewrite it like four times until it made sense, I blame the heat :sweating_profusely:) I'm on board with this idea, together with the aforementioned features...
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    I Invite Everyone

    Maybe making cars and other devices powered by electricity would be better, eliminating the need formuch of the above shenanigans
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    I Invite Everyone

    That could work, though fuel availability needs to be considered. Fossil fuels in particular are being exhausted and the less of them is left, the harder it will be to extract them, and more expensive. Also the infrastructure to process and transport it - with transport being more dangerous...
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    I Invite Everyone

    By using the steam output from the machines for a distillation, they could get maybe not exactly pure, but certainly cleaner water, depending what is the pollution in it. This would not solve the issue, but could alleviate it to an extent. Also, while this might be feasible with larger and/or...