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    *huff huff* is this the Novel Updates Forum?

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    Ben's ever-expanding, Schrödinger's bathroom stall

    So I decided to make my own art thread. With blackjack and hookers. Here's the first few. Will add more in the future. How about some women?
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    What do you think makes a horror game WORK?

    In all honesty, horror always baffles me in how it works. Take a "horror game" like Resident Evil 5. Savage, virus-ridden villagers clamouring to stab you in the back may sound frightening in concept but once you play it it's really just a run-of-the-mill Japanese KUHRAYZEE action game with SOME...
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    good clothing outlets recommendations?

    Lately I've been interested in fashion. I'm broke as shit and can barely afford a singlet in a night market so as compensation I've been drawing those shits out instead. I've recently found out about Kastane Outlet and God damn they look comfy as shit So I'm asking for recs from your...
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    post things you'll never get and come cope with me

    I'll never have a cute Dino gf to lay by my side drifting away to sleep while I pause Halo 2 on the Xbox and softly cuddle with her to sleep right on the couch and wake up with her cute dolphin snout snuggling against my chin and giving me a cute "gm" to absolutely fuel my day I will dedicate...
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    What's your stand on incest? As a third-party

    As we all know, incest. Yes, incest. I personally wouldn't fuck my siblings, mainly because I'm the oldest and not legal, and even if I wasn't, I probably wouldn't. But I wouldn't hold it against people who are actually incestual AND consent to one another (very important). In terms of...
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    So academics tried to do a research on the Alt Right based on ONE 4 CHAN thread Long story short, some shmucks in a college decided to one up the field of intelligence by examining the activities of the """"""Alt-Right""""" political group based on ONE 4-CHAN THREAD. Imagine if someone made a research paper on the...
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    Todd-sama doES IT AGAIN So Microsoft just bought Bethesda for 7.5 bn And that means the acquisition of the Elder Scrolls franchise And Skyrim is part of the Elder Scrolls franchise In one way or another, Microsoft paid 7.5 bn just to get Skyrim in their pockets I can't believe...
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    Zootopia's allegory for racism fucking blows but it got me thinking

    Remember how Zootopia try to play on the fear of carnivorous animals and make it seem like Disney is actually signing off a genuine philosophical story about actual physical differences between animals before introducing magical dingleberries and that its all a comically elaborate plan to lead...
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    Idiosyncrasies; or things you flaunt about when you don't have an interesting personality

    In short, weird shit/habits you do that aren't good or bad. Just unique. Not the interesting kind of unique, though. The kind of unique where you'll always finish your drink before your meal, or close the car door twice every time. Lemme start off with some of mine: id spontaneously imitate...
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    shiiiid im scared of Space Jam 2, and modern remakes in general

    Remember in the first Space Jam where, though it's creatively bankrupt and a plot that's as nonexistent as black matter, at least Micheal Jordon got a character arc that's meaningful in some way. >Jordan has fallen out of love with basketball, has retired to play baseball >the Looney Tunes come...
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    get your horny asses in and VOTE

    (For the gays and fujos: I'm doing my utmost best to source the male version. I know it's out there. Give me time.) (Edit: allowed multivote, go ahead) E all the way
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    if you were forced to go to Brazil, what would you do?

    this bus shows up in front of your house. any capable being in your household is gone and taken away while you're sleeping. you're held in point-blank range by ten gunmen to your head. the only free way is your open doorway towards the bus. wyd
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    Netflix is pushing pedo bait and people are still angry

    Exhibit A: Corporate Certified™ borderline ecchi with real fucking children I don't care if the message is anti-pedophillia or progressivism or whatever the fuck. Shit with sprinkles on it is still shit. Child porn with an anti pedo message is still fucking child porn. Exhibit B: fictional...
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    What would the modern warfare look like if gunpowder was never discovered?

    Just asking to see what your speculations would be. I personally don't know much about the evolution of arms and armies to make a bold claim out of it. The best I could come up with is ancient Rome but extra guerilla, with a heavy use of ballistic knives. Also, when I said no gunpowder, I...
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    fortnite pulled a "fight against 1984" because apple started pulling their game off the app store

    we've created the stick. and we used the stick. it wasn't long until the stick was used to hurt. then there was the rock. the rock that sparked fire. fire that was warm. fire that was hot. fire that burns. fire that kills. then there's the gunpowder. gunpowder that makes the sky light up with...
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    does "absolute nothingness" constitute as an existence of something?

    came across this while browsing some other forums. I'm not making any big claims, just wanted to see what y'all think of it I'm not paraphrasing everything the guy said I'm just gotta CTRL+C CTRL+V whatever the guy typed out "If nothing cannot exist then wouldn't you say that a rock cannot see...
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    The Chicken Chicken Farmer (one-shot)

    Link-sama I've shilled a few days back on my main story and if you remember that, you might be wondering now. again?! now hold on there little Timmy, I'm not shilling that story again. Not until I reach another 100k words anyway no no, today I'm shilling this short story I've worked on for a...
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    "hey man what's your kink?"

    *breathes in* *breathes in* *breathes in* *BREATHES IN* *HEAVY FUCKING BREATHING* I've come to terms that I'm never getting a cute, shy gasmask gf but that don't mean I'm giving up just yet alright you shameless coomers, sausages or abalones, I wanna see that depravity that gets...