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  1. TheTrinary

    We Need to Invent A New Word

    When you eat too much you are full. But what do you call it when you have read too much. What happens when you read through the 20 most recent stories in the slush pile of "latest series" and just can't anymore? What word do you use when you are brain dead and can, not, read, another, word.
  2. TheTrinary

    Which Chapter Do You Think Is Best?

    I think Chapter 12 Bankruptcy is pretty neat, but I could be persuaded to liking Chapter 13 even more. What is everyone else's opinion on the matter?
  3. TheTrinary

    Keep Feedback In Perspective

    Whether its reviews, comments, messages, or the new glut of feedback on the review sub-forum, I figured I'd just do a little write up to tell everyone to keep things in perspective. No one's opinion is correct. Just because someone didn't like something, doesn't mean your work is bad or...
  4. TheTrinary

    ScribbleHub Statistics

    So I was googling something completely different online but I stumbled upon a site that I thought was pretty cool and looked up this one. On it, it gave all the traffic data for websites. So apparently ScribbleHub has: between 3M and 4M visits per month An average visit duration of 17 minutes...
  5. TheTrinary

    Do you ever post the rough draft by mistake?

    Pretty much what the title asks. I did it twice in a row and they were up for like three weeks before someone pointed out to me that those two chapters in particular had a lot of mistakes. There's something to be said for having organizational skills.
  6. TheTrinary

    Free First Chapter Feedback

    So I saw this done elsewhere and thought it would be fun. If anyone wants to volunteer, I'll read your very first chapter (not prologue or anything else) and based solely on that I'll give a quick opinion on whether or not I'd continue reading the entire work. It's like a mini review for the...
  7. TheTrinary

    How long should a chapter be?

    Dear readers, How long should a chapter be? My chapters are around 5k each and I'm just worried that is a little bit too much for something in this format. Would it be beneficial to submit chapters in like a part a/ part b format for the longer ones? (If there is a natural break). What do...
  8. TheTrinary

    So what exactly is this forum for?

    I mean, I don't think I've seen a post since I've been here. Did there used to be super popular stories that everyone had to talk about?
  9. TheTrinary


    Anyone have any experience with this site? What is it exactly? Is it just another place to post stories but its curated? It seems different somehow and I can't figure it out.
  10. TheTrinary

    Looking for help! Which cover looks the best?

    I've come up with five covers over the months and I'm wondering what works the best. Any of them can be reformatted/tweaked, so let me know what you think in general impression. Option 1: Option 2: Option 3: And then Option 4 would be the current one I'm using and that's in my...
  11. TheTrinary

    Looking for the correct sub-forum.

    Hey. I was looking for feedback on several covers and which is the best. Where would that go? Author general, artist general, feedback? Dunno. Pls help.
  12. TheTrinary

    Chapter one POV double check

    Someone told me that my POV changes in my first chapter are confusing and not technically correct. I was hoping somebody could give it a quick read and give me their opinion since I didn't really view it as POV in the first place. It's only like four or five pages.
  13. TheTrinary

    What Makes A Good Story Description?

    I can try and mimic a book jacket all day long, but there seems to be a different vibe to online serials. So what works online?
  14. TheTrinary

    Is there a masterlist for all the acronyms you guys use?

    I just learned BL yesterday after asking it about it on threads. Somebody here is talking about a CYOA? And there's been so many others. I'm so confused.
  15. TheTrinary

    Does a Staggered Release Schedule Discourage You From Writing?

    So basically what the title says. Publishing two or so chapters a week, I've noticed that if I'm sitting on what I am going to publish, I don't really feel the need to write. It's very much an attitude of "eh, I've got everything done for now." Does that happen to anyone else?
  16. TheTrinary

    Resolved Main Page Cover Update Time

    Hey all, So I updated my cover but it's still showing the old one on the main page under "new updates" and on my series before I click on it. Is there some latency there or should it be updated automatically? Or do I have to do something special to update those other areas of cover art?