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  1. thepundit

    Where do you get your Patrons?

    I've been quite curious. Aside from scribblehub and royalroad readers converted patrons, where do authors get their patron. Do you have any other writing platforms to suggest that have a good or even bad conversion rate as long as you got someone from it? :blob_evil_two: Thanks for the help...
  2. thepundit

    Writing Prompt Battle Between An Archmage and a Shadow Assasin

    A practice for running an action scene. A battle Between an battle archmage and a shadow assasin(same lvl of archmage but diff skill set. Your imagination is the limit.) Occurs in a castle strong enough to withstand both their attacks. What mage skills and adding skills will you use to the...
  3. thepundit

    How do you feel when you see your works in the pirate sites?

    I just saw my novels getting pirated on a few aggregator sites. I won't rant or anything but I am definitely curious about how other authors feel when their works get pirated. Because for me, it's kinda a weird feeling - half happy since someone spent their time strafing and pirating my novels...
  4. thepundit

    As a reader: Which one do you like - a webby plot or a straight plot?

    I've been writing a new novel as of late, and its going well and good. Nevertheless, I just want to ask opinions from the readers. Do you like a webby plot - like re:zero, Bakemonogatari, etc Or a straight plot like - Slime-Tensei, Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear, etc. Just got me interested in which one...
  5. thepundit

    Best Buy: Drawing Tablet - Please advice this poor soul.

    Okay, I'm planning to save up and buy a drawing pad or anything. Any good recommendations out there? Budget $100-200 (scrap that I have no idea, how much does those friggin things cost anyway).
  6. thepundit

    Why do I get stuck? When I reach the 50K+ words.

    Yep, you read it right. Every time I reach these numbers I just lose my steam. Any advice from anyone outthere. How to keep the steam going. I wanna somehow finish a novel. Do you have any magic? I need a dumbledore.:blob_pat_sad:
  7. thepundit

    I'll Try One of my novel at Webnovel: Wish me Luck!

    I am goin' to thoroughly review the website for aspiring authors. I'll try and test one of my novels there and do a personal review later. So what am I getting at? Wish me luck! Why am I doing it? I heard that's a change in management over there. Wanna see if anything actually changed. Why I am...
  8. thepundit

    Free Reviews: Since I want some tick of inspiration.

    The title of the thread says it all. I am willing to give your novels a try. Just post the link of your novel and I'll get to it eventually during my relaxation time. Oh, no worries I'm not someone that's going to make you bleed. I'll do my best to tell you where you can improve. You can also...
  9. thepundit

    Use of Text-to-Speech Reader

    Hi folks, I just once again used a text-to-speech reader. Just saying'. Anyway, have any of you experience losing some brain cells after listening through those monotonous voices. I feel like I'm being haunted by some AI voice in my dreams. Just vote, I can't elaborate anymore. I'm havin' a...
  10. thepundit

    SH Total Visits/Month

    Just want to share. Saw it after studying some necessary things about web and blogging. Damn, SH is generating millions of views/month. Anyway, I tried comparing it to other older sites and I can tell that the growth is there as compared a year ago! *Cries crocodile tears*
  11. thepundit

    Writing Should I Westernized the names of my characters?

    Just passing by:blob_whistle::blobtaco:. I'm thinking whether I should change the name of my characters into a more westernized form (my characters are using Chinese names - Zhou Qi, Cheng Shi, etc.). I Need some feedbacks and advice on this since many of my readers are asking for a change. And...
  12. thepundit

    Seeing Improvement after 200K+ Words.

    Honestly, I never thought that I would reach this milestone. From my ragtag grammar to somehow a good grammar. I have at least 4 novels - all currently ongoing. And I have two novels, which are already posted here. I'll share with you guys what I experienced and learned so far after working my...
  13. thepundit

    Feeling Happy! Very Happy.

    Seeing my New Novel: The Ultimate System Wielder getting quite a nice traction gives me a nice bit of fulfillment and happiness. Anyway, I learned to appreciate the nice little things in life during this pandemic. Even though, it's still in 27th in rising, it kinda feel nice to see your baby...
  14. thepundit

    Would you like a philosophical, satirical, comedic NEET in a changing earth as an MC?

    Okay, I continuing one of old novels that I left behind when I was flooded with work and stress. I'am developing the plot and story so I want to hear your opinions as a reader. Would you like a philosophical, satirical, comedic NEET in a changing earth as an MC? Maybe a hikigaya-like MC but...
  15. thepundit

    Just found a very funny youtube video!

    Damn, it made my creative juices flow as I laugh!
  16. thepundit

    Writing Prompt You saw someone who ran away after owning you money!?

    What will you do if you saw the man/lady who ran away after owning you money? You see him/her on the bar/club drinking his/her fill of good alcohol..
  17. thepundit

    Discord & Patreon

    I'm just curious.:blob_hmm::blob_hmm: I would love to know how creating an exclusive discord page for my Patreon would help writers gain traction for their web novels. It's just that I tried researching some pieces of stuff on the leading novels both in SH and RR and most of them have their...
  18. thepundit

    Posting your Novel in Qidian Webnovels. Why and Why Not?

    Okay, I saw all the drama with Qidian and WW. I didn't understand most of it. So in the end, I didn't care. :whistle::whistle: Nevertheless, I want to ask the authors about this since I'm still quite new in the field. The only places I know right now with a nice reader base are RR and...
  19. thepundit

    I was like 'Like seriously!'

    I'm going to share some very interesting information to the authors. Anyway, you want it or not. I'll share it mehehe. Do you know that in almost all of the reincarnation novels that I read both translated, original or fanfic. I saw a serial killer in the form of a truck killing a lot of...
  20. thepundit

    Feedback for my Novel - The Last Dukes' Memoirs

    I would love to hear your opinions on how the heck could I improve my current novel. Okay, I admit that I tried writing it in pantser method. Any advice would be much appreciated. Although, I can personally see some issues. I'd rather have a third party to read it and find possible areas I can...