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  1. hyperkvlt

    Writing A co-author, but I don't care

    I recall there was one website (now already down) where you write stories and may choose to allow other to join in or not. (You cannot edit somebody writing, only yours. But OP can delete anyone's post) It was kinda fun when the others play along with you or you just bored and want to randomly...
  2. hyperkvlt

    Unreal Engine 5

    I guess, you make point there. But, but my main point is that Unreal Engine editor is not suitable for laptop mostly because of its tendency to overheat. While you could probably solve it to some extend with cooling vacuum, but deskop is still better.
  3. hyperkvlt

    Unreal Engine 5

    Normal people could use it? That's insane man! Did you even ever bother try it yourself? Lemme give you some pointers why people especially indie game developer try avoiding it (plus some friendly comparison with Unity): 1. Unreal is a big boy, too damn big boy. The game engine itself took at...
  4. hyperkvlt

    A Gilgamesh inspired villain as MC story.

    Uhh, put it simply: Gilgamesh got his power either gift from someone, a power since birth, or bottomless talent that doesn't require much efforts while Hercules is the type that works hard to reach OPness?
  5. hyperkvlt

    Do yanderes always need to kill their love interests?

    I believe there are many types of yandere. For example, if they spot their lover cheating: 1. Chaotic Neutral: kill their lover because they weren't faithful. 2. Chaotic Good: kill the b*tch who swindled their lover. 3. Chaotic Evil : kill them both. Might as well commit suicide. 4. Lawful...
  6. hyperkvlt


    Well, nowadays you can make music digitally without much experience with the actual instruments. Though having some experience could help you better. With the help of Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) such as FL studio and Ableton you can make music without using any physical instument. Though...
  7. hyperkvlt

    Is this just me but I’ll find it incredibly hard to find interesting books to read?

    More like it's hard to find ones that click well for you. I often found myself randomly searching stories here and NU but hardly found ones that clicks well with me, I found some I like but they mostly ended in an eternal hiatus for most part. And the searching gets even harder especially right...
  8. hyperkvlt

    Suggestion for story title.

    Blood X Service.... Wait, there's no vampire?
  9. hyperkvlt

    What is your process when it comes to making illustration?

    Why don't you join me randomly drawing doodle until it somewhat decent only to be confused of how they were made and ended up kept changing your art style forever like some psycho because you never bother to remember how did you draw them?
  10. hyperkvlt

    Any Intriguing Dreams?

    That day when I found Hitler's corpse under my matress...
  11. hyperkvlt

    Mary Skelter Nightmares

    Well, both chests and collection points give random items/equipments. So it's no surprise that some people confused them. The only diference is that the chests don't respawn after they opened. Some other players also complained about this, too. Since the treasure chests aren't very rewarding...
  12. hyperkvlt

    Mary Skelter Nightmares

    Uhh, fixed chests usually don't respawn buddy. A good example of fixed chests are the chests in the dungeon of the legend of zelda. Once they you open them, the chests remained there.... Empty. In some game, the chests might disappear and never come back. Or just be replaced with random chests...
  13. hyperkvlt

    Mary Skelter Nightmares

    Well, I didnt play much of new JRPGs, especially the online ones. Is it common for them to have fixed treasure chests (one time open) with random items nowadays?
  14. hyperkvlt

    Sad posting

    Not sure what you mean. Nowadays, publishing a book is not that all hard (just expensive), getting audiences to actually purchase them is the hard part. I believe japanese publisher only wants to publish novel from japanese. Syosetsu is not exactly publisher. More like website where...
  15. hyperkvlt

    Mary Skelter Nightmares

    In terms of RPG and Date-sim this one sucks. It was fun at first, but later on it gets worse and really terrible. Elemental attacks and status ailments are useless for you since hit-all and multi-hit non elemental attacks really broken. They make random encounter which was kind of challenging...
  16. hyperkvlt

    How was Josh battle royale yesterday?

    Ted must be a Josh in his previous life, that still count as a Josh, I guess? It was most scary when that quiet Josh in back of class suddenly pulled out a knife! I am pretty sure one Josh just sent out a cyborg Josh with a satanizer *ahem* sanitizer cannon.
  17. hyperkvlt

    How was Josh battle royale yesterday?

    I though that Josh was Josh tough. What a brave Josh that Josh is. Neat. At the very least he didn't run away like Josh. I actually know one of them, and his name is Josh. Hey! That Josh doesn't look very healthy! See, his legs are trembling! What a shrewd Josh! I believe it was...
  18. hyperkvlt

    How was Josh battle royale yesterday?

    I just recalled that yesterday was Josh's Final Confrontation. And yeah, I guess I kinda missed the news. So... what happened exactly? Which Josh is which Josh again? What happened to that Josh? Did that Josh also joined in? How about that Josh? Was he good? Did you know one of the Josh...
  19. hyperkvlt

    Can't differentiate between Reality and Fantasy ...

    Well, they aren't that much different actually. They're basically the same creatures went by different names. Like how you call a Lion -> Panthera Leo. Different places and cultures have different names for the same thing. In islamic mystic there's only two known supernatural race: Djinn and...
  20. hyperkvlt

    Can't differentiate between Reality and Fantasy ...

    You're both right and wrong. Djinn is actually their race name. Shaiton are from Djinn race. So Shaiton are definitely Djinn, but Djinn are not necessary Shaiton. Shaiton are evil. Djinn can be good, evil or even neutral. Even Djinn that helps human might resent human. Well, you see, our...