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  1. hyperkvlt

    How was Josh battle royale yesterday?

    I just recalled that yesterday was Josh's Final Confrontation. And yeah, I guess I kinda missed the news. So... what happened exactly? Which Josh is which Josh again? What happened to that Josh? Did that Josh also joined in? How about that Josh? Was he good? Did you know one of the Josh...
  2. hyperkvlt

    Anything bad happened to you today?

    Life always be accompanied by many surprises and unexpected events. And occasionally we may be greeted by some situations and events which may leave us with a feeling of.... "GGRRR!!! AAAAARRRGHHHFG!?!?" As for me today, after getting some random notifs from OneDrive (saying it need to...
  3. hyperkvlt

    Writing If you're non English speaker, do you write your stories in your mother language first?

    I am not an English speaker so I am curious how the others do? While I do believe the most people here are English speakers, I am curious how other non English speakers do their stuffs. Do you write your stories in your mother language first before translating them to english? Or do you...
  4. hyperkvlt

    Do you play bad end or good end first?

    I often found my self jumping into picking bad choises on purpose on my first playthrough in the most game I played (which are said to have multiple ending, mostly VN) so I'll get to see the bad end first, before proceeding for the good one so that I can see the whatever tragedy might befall...
  5. hyperkvlt

    Putting laptop into sleep at succession?

    I heard that staying before your monitor too long is bad for your health. So I bought this timer and keep it with me all the time when doing homework, coding, writing or just playing games. I set the alarm every 35 minutes, so whenever it rings, I would stop doing whatever I do with my laptop...
  6. hyperkvlt

    How about splitting webpage for adult stories?

    I know that this site is not mean for child, and the most of people here are mostlikely adults or teenager at most. But I think it could have been better if the site could try to split the stories, like, say SYOSETSU, where normal stories and adult stories are split and not on the same page...