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  1. FreemenMuaddib

    Writing Best romantic scenes in xianxia (spoiler)

    Meng Qing and Lin Feng from Peerless Martial God (绝世武神) by Jing Wu Hen (净无痕) Mu Qianyu and Lin Ming from ‘Martial World’ (仙武极天下) by Cocooned Cow (蚕茧里的牛) Mu Hanyan and Long Yi from Womanizing Mage (异世之风流大法师) by Heaven is Not Lonely (天堂不寂寞) Please contribute to this thread with...
  2. FreemenMuaddib


    After reading hundreds of novels I reached the conclusion that (for a male at least) the perfect xianxia novel needs THREE ingredients to engage the reader without boring him on the long term: 1 - STRENGTH : Constant MC drive to Increase his power/strength via cultivation or other means. The...
  3. FreemenMuaddib

    Please allows novels translations as original content

    As you probably know, Webnovel, the Qidian western foothold, is recruiting Fan Translators for dropped projects, with a retribution of 30% revenue share. An insult to the fan-translators scene and another trick for the chinese giant to gain control of the web novels market, strangling both...