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  1. Nahrenne

    New chapter notification for readers

    I don't know if I'm just not using the site properly, or if it's an actual thing, but I've noticed that I don't get a notification whenever a novel I have on my Reading/To Read list releases a new chapter. I was wondering if this could become a feature of the site, or if this feature exists but...
  2. Nahrenne

    No_mouth emoji reaction and/or Smilie

    I know there are already quite a few choices for reacting to peoples' posts, but sometimes I want to react with a blank face to express my shock and surprise to the point I can't think of words to say in response. In those situations, I find the generic like to seem insensitive and not convey...
  3. Nahrenne

    Poetry techniques

    I know that not many people have posted poetry on SH, nor are there that many that have read any that poets have posted. However, I thought it would be nice for people to mention different poetry techniques they know of, or use themselves, so that both readers and poets alike may gain something...
  4. Nahrenne

    How much detail can there be in graphic scenes, before it becomes too much?

    So, I'm writing a story that has some graphic scenes in it, and I wondered what would be taking such things too far - description-wise. Example 1: A scene where two lovers are copulating while discussing their nefarious plot. How detailed can the description be, before it becomes distasteful...