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    What happened to "The World Seems Realistic But Why Do I Have A Leveling System"

    I doubt you're gonna get paid much even with a contract. A novel I used to read there by the name of "The Sinful Life of The Emperor" ranked around top 9 or 10 and its author constantly complaining about not making much money cause most people are free readers so he has to get an actual job...
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    Honorifics used in cultivation novels

    Here:修真世界-world-of-cultivation/cultivation-terms-and-glossary/ Assorted Terms 大哥( da ge): eldest brother 哥 (ge): brother, could be used as a suffix onto a person’s name. Or as “Hey, bro!” 人妖 (renyao): Hong Kong slang for Thailand transvestites. It was then adopted as...
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    Borderlands 3 Release Title

    Well I'm not saying it's definitely going to be bad, I just think of it as another pre-sequel - more of the same. So if you really enjoy the others and aren't tired of it yet it's fine to go nuts I guess.
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    Borderlands 3 Release Title

    Not too excited tbh, it's been 7 years since Borderlands 2 came out and their engine doesn't seem to have any update to it. Characters model still looking like cardboard mannequin, the environments is really similar to Borderlands 2 and its pre-sequel - if they called this trailer an expansion...
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    Is this like Wattpad?

    Tried wattpad once, the search function over there is absolutely horrendous.