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  1. KingMusa

    Seeking Long Term Artist!

    Greetings to all you AMAZING ARTIST out there! I'm a writer looking for a loyal and long term artist to help me with my project. Specifically looking for someone who can draw Comic/Manga. If you're interested PLEASE message me and we can work the payment details together Thanks for your time!
  2. KingMusa

    Cover Art Feeback!

    So I've finally got my cover done professionally through a commission! What do y'all think? It's for my story "Elenora's Academy of Magicka: Ken Granfold", which is currently being rewritten, well more like updated. (Link in case y'all wanna check it out)...
  3. KingMusa

    Ask me QUESTIONS!

    Well mine is a shared universe and it's both Fantasy and Sci-fi Please ask as many questions as you'd like and ill answer ALL of them ASAP!
  4. KingMusa


    Can someone please tell me how to properly start/end a flashback? The way I do is, I'll put "(flashback)" then write the flash back, and at the end is the flashback ill write "(flashback over)". If you guys could give me some tips, that would be greatly appreciated! THANK YOU!
  5. KingMusa

    Magic Frenzy! Volume 2!!

    Magic Frenzy! Volume 2 Announcement! Volume 2 of Magic Frenzy is FINALLY in the works! If you thought volume 1 was good, just wait until you start Volume 2! Changes: Volume 2 will stick strictly to the Magic System I created, if you haven't seen that, I suggest you go check it out, before...
  6. KingMusa

    Looking for feedback for my prototype story called, Ragna!

    Hey y'all, i'd like some feedback for my story PLEASE. I'm not looking for feedback on the grammar or spelling, since I have yet to edit it, but i'd love feedback on the story itself is it interesting, like from what I have so far, does it pique your interest? Know that this is only a...
  7. KingMusa

    Sound Effect #2

    So I've previously posted a thread asking how to use Sound Effects and I got some great replies. Here is what I came up with so far, please tell me what you think and give me some more examples if you can 1. The tall demon raised his right hand in the air, and from his right palm, a long...
  8. KingMusa

    Sound Effects

    I was just wondering, how do you use sound effects in stories? I've never used them before so I was wondering if I could get some tips from y'all? Thank You!
  9. KingMusa

    Im not sure if i should continue my story, can I PLEASE get some feedback!🙏

    Hey can you guys please give me some feed back on my story? I'm not sure how it's doing since I haven't gotten any feed back from anyone and it's not doing well in the comment, view or like section. So I really need a feedback to know. I'll post the synopsis and a link to the Story, please check...
  10. KingMusa

    Need Feedback on the Magic System i have created!

    Yohhh so I just finished creating a Magic System for my Shared Universe known as Grand Adventure. I was wondering if you guys can take a look at it and give me constructive feedback, it would help me greatly thank you! I'll leave the link below! Magic System
  11. KingMusa


    Helloooo everyone! I've written three stories which none of them are completed yet but id like y'all to check out two of my stories and tell me what you think! I'd appreciate constructive feedback but any type of feedback is good both negative and positive! Oh and if possible it would be awesome...
  12. KingMusa


    So I'm currently writing three stories, but for some reason, only one of them is getting noticed. The first story I ever published on scribble hub is called "Magic Frenzy" and I published it a couple of months ago and so far it's holding steady with a decent amount of readers which I'm happy...
  13. KingMusa

    Grand Adventure Project. Discord! Come join!

    Hello everyone! I've recently summarized lore for my Shared Universe project known as Grand Adventure (G.A) and iv created a discord where different authors of all kinds and artists can come together and help develop the project. Every story takes place in the same universe and follows the same...
  14. KingMusa

    My Shared Universe

    Hey! I'm the Creator of Grand Adventure (G.A), which is the brand Name for all my Light Novels. All my stories, no matter what genre all take place in the same shared universe. Just like the Marvel and Dc shared universe. If you wanna be apart of my project or want to know more, just message...