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  1. Ark-

    Post Your Synopsis & Get Feedback

    Hello everyone, so long story short, I'm working on a story called "The Tower of Desire" (Temp title), I have two types of stories using the same title, These are the main difference: Version 1. Reincarnation type: Synopsis: Johnathan felt no fury or hatred for his passing at the hands of a...
  2. Ark-

    500 word limit story starting with "A single sneeze was all it took..."

    A single sneeze was all it took. In the many worlds interpretation, it is said that there are possibly an infinite number of universes that differs from us and yet, feels familiar to all who observes it. A single sneeze was all it took. For a universes with different outcome surfaces itself...
  3. Ark-

    Writing Prompt Imagine you're a "Hero of Justice", but then you have a rotten mind. (which makes her antagonist)

    I do understand your point, though i disagree on these two 1. 2. Simply put, The first one are simply impossible to do, why? because there are no evidences if you drove someone dead through social pressure, there will simply no evidence to back you up if you took it to court, is your proof...
  4. Ark-

    Welcome thread for the newbies!

    Hey, I dunno if people still actively reply and sees this post but i guess imma jump in. Name/Nickname you want us to call you My nickname is Ark, it may seems strange but it's just an abbreviation of my real name. Hobbies/interests I don't have any hobbies nor interest, my interest will...
  5. Ark-

    Writing Prompt Imagine you're a "Hero of Justice", but then you have a rotten mind. (which makes her antagonist)

    As you mention no easy killings, i have several ways to do it, but i would go with this one. First, Befriend the hero, you said that i'm a sadistic psychopaths, in otherword, i could maintain and control my expression quite well, through befriending the hero, i could find out about him bit by...
  6. Ark-

    The first thing you would do if you were reincarnated into a Fantasy World

    I might seems a downer here, but i would totally prefer modern times (after WW2) rather than before it, however, if i'm reincarnated in a fantasy world with my prior memory, i would have 2 path that i would take. 1. Scholar/Teacher with focus on Science, more specifically, Classical physics...