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  1. Reisinling

    Writing [Tutorial] Writing ACTION 1: The Trick to Writing Action Scenes that Work

    I might disagree with what you write sometimes, but I appreciate the effort and trying to help.
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    How much is anime novel worth? 255 readers.

    I feel betrayed, bamboozled, and copied. I demand a like on one of my chapters for this shameless copying!
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    Beta-reading exchange?

    One is workshop, which you shouldn't post whole chapters in, the other is live-writing. Are people using live-writing for beta-reading and commenting?
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    Beta-reading exchange?

    The problem with this type of idea is you have to hit enough participants for someone to respond within a few hours 7/days a week... not to mention ppl want to be reviewed by peeps with similar popularity levels generally
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    Writing [Tutorial] The Secret to Proper Paragraphing and Dialogue

    I'm sorry by being so lazy on post you made, but I also remember quite a few authors questioning many style rules that were created over the years. Sanderson quite likely the most famous on this forum, especially the one about not using dialogue tags. I'm just torn between "these people have...
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    War Crimes In Web Novels

    There is also the simple fact that war crimes are a cultural thing. And a fiction. Killing people running away was how most of deaths on medieval battlefields happened (I read about it before but here 3rd answer also talks about this...
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    Writing [Tutorial] The Secret to Proper Paragraphing and Dialogue

    I remember shaking my head when I was reading the style guide book, but then who am I to fight against that? Though I always wonder if methods described in these books do indeed make the book "better", but for a specific type of person that reads "literature", while most of the books on this...
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    Reduce vertical space under paragraphs/headings

    Having smaller title above heading is sufficiently common practice, that saying it should not be done because of one school of graphic design is ludicrous. Unless you are suggesting alternative way of doing that is implemented, that wouldn't use headers 1, 2 etc, but some other type of text...
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    Are you into fiction or a non fiction and why

    I rarely read non-fiction- not because I don't see its value, but because most of it fits into 2 categories: a) Super dry textbooks b) Things written by profesional book authors/journalists, who care more about making the book interesting and sellable, than "true", so I always have to read it...
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    Reduce vertical space under paragraphs/headings

    As in the title- lack of vertical space is easily fixed by just adding line breaks, having too much of it can't be fixed manually. I'm trying to mimic the text size functionality using headers/paragraphs, but it makes my headers look weird, because, while in the text editor the space below...
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    Beta-reading exchange?

    As in title. I'm considering setting up discord room for chapter beta reading exchange, basically if you want someone to read your chapter before it gets published, and leave comments, helpful for editing. Since I'm sure most people would only want to get their stuff reviewed, but not...
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    How do I write again?

    literally the reason I'm here. Read a few novels that were super popular on NU, couldn't believe this crap is so popular, now I'm motivating other people the same way :D
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    How do I write again?

    Find a discord group that will ask you everyday to write with them. Then write 300 words a day. Then when you get enough for a chapter publish it. The first chapter is the worst, after you get back into writing you will be fine.
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    New cover art

    hmmm interesting, didn't think about your... demographic.
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    New cover art

    Thank you for your suggestion and effort. Very nois.
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    New cover art

    I decided to comission new art for my Tentacle novel. It looks quite nice, though it is going to differ a bit from the way the cahracters are going to look in the novel, but then I don't really mind, as long as it's going to work in convincing ppl to click on the thumbnail. Comission by Yona...
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    Small question

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    I must have fudged it up. Will fix in a moment

    I must have fudged it up. Will fix in a moment
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    Rewrite a story. Create a new series or continue the old one?

    There is a story that is being rewritten every few months, on the same series page. Something something evil flower? Reincarnated as evil flower? Sth like that. Guy deletes all chapters, and starts publishing new ones to keep the readers he already has.
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    Looking for Things to Review

    Feel free to review my tentacle story. Link in my signature. That being said, basing on your previous thread I'm not sure it would fit your tastes, but I don't mind meh/negative reviews. As long as the average rating doesn't drop below 4.0 that is.