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    Time runs out, as you are falling from the top of a tree. You see that your about to crash onto pavement. As you land truck-kun swerves and misses you

    You can only hold the fart for so long. Little by little it will escape and suffocate the happiness around. :giggle:
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    Time runs out, as you are falling from the top of a tree. You see that your about to crash onto pavement. As you land truck-kun swerves and misses you

    Get up. Thank god for saving me. Find that one girl I haven't met yet. Get better at my job. Earn more. Have kids. Become a hero in the coming war. Become a national hero, a legend. Write a best seller about my time as a private who stopped the war. Protect my neighbor from assassination. Learn...
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    I made this

    You got my dog's attention with the first note.
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    How do I write again?

    Write shorts. Write about an ants journey back home. Write where the clouds are going. Write about your day. Write.
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    Writing Prompt A young boy and his friends decide to sneak out of their houses at midnight. What happens? Please share!

    They find a bloody hammer. One of the two takes it home. Then shits start happening until the boy is chasing his friend at the end of the day with the hammer covered in his family's blood. He kills his friend ofcourse, throws the hammer, and walks off. Then a lumberjack finds the hammer.
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    How do you comment on chapters without sounding like an idiot or writing something almost meaningless?

    How do I do it? By bringing my awesome sarcasm game into the question.
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    Best Posting Schedule

    A consistent schedule is the best one. For that you need to write everyday. Can't write everyday? Then you are not consistent. Be consistent. Be happy. Join us and we'll teach you to be consistent. The starter pack costs 1 young soul. The question is... Are you young?
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    How do you decide a name of a Chapter?

    I have a ten second rule. I pick whatever pops in my head in ten seconds.
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    Writing Dead brother or nah?

    So like the situation in Mistborn. That was a great twist by the way. I won't spoil it for those who haven't read the series.
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    This paragraph feels weird

    My back arches as something wells up inside me. I can feel my blood vessels humming as the pressure increases, rising, rising... something is coming, something magical, extraordinary, SPECTACULAR! My mind explodes. My soul bleeds into my hand. It's amazing! I can see the star. My mind blanks...
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    Writing How to write plotholes?

    Call him blind but have him describe every scene in detail. Keep saying he's a good person, but make him a pervert, a delinquent, and a rascal at the same time. He's the hottest guy in town, but he doesn't shave, flies fly around him all the time. Cat's run away from him, dogs start crying when...
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    Looking for Work Open for commission

    Good luck... unless you take nuffnies... in which case I would commission you for an art piece.
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    Writing Prompt Reincarnated into the world as an entire zoo

    They kill you and find freedom. The end.
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    Writing Prompt Reincarnated into a world where food eats living beings

    Water is acidic and air is poisonous. The houses are dungeons and people can do photosynthesis. Basically plants vs the world.
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    How do you plan your story?

    I dream. Then forget the dream. Wallow in misery. Let my protagonist feel my misery.
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    Writing How do I move from a slice-of-life arc to an action arc?

    Something should trigger the conflict.
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    Thoughts on "Show, Dont Tell" from a professional author

    Suddenly everyone's an expert. Fake it till you make it.