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  1. Dountmindme

    Dontmindme jus' up at night...being horni and motivated!

    Here’s somthing idk
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    Recommendations Recommend me some NTR sto

    Not on SH but I’ll try find some on SH. Also I prolly need to look at my AO3 bookmarks history. I’ve read too much ntr it all kinda blurred together. Kekw. I’ll let ya know if I find somthing like this.
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    Recommendations Recommend me some NTR sto

    I already know about that one.
  4. Dountmindme

    Recommendations BL novel

    We need more BL on this site.
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    NTR is not for kids

    Urban dictionary?
  6. Dountmindme

    NTR is not for kids

    I jus’ like reading NTR mostly because I like seeing characters break down psychologically. I guess NTR is some form of torture. And, well, the stories I read a pretty well written. Basically it’s jus’ shitty ppl doing shitty things and making shitty decisions that led into one giant shitty...
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    Looking for Work Open for Bust and headshots commissions.

    Hello, me Donut back here again becuz I want more experience with doing comms. I’m great at headshots and bust drawings. I struggle with full body so yeah it will cost more for full body. Also I might take a longer time since I’m busy with work. I’m free on Monday’s and sundays since those are...
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    To readers who don’t like NTR

    Damn that’s scary
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    Degen truck-kun 200 IQ delivery move

    Bruh that ain’t portrait it’s a full body shot. KekW. Lol anyways nice cover.
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    Dontmindme jus' up at night...being horni and motivated!

    aye, so more sexy? kek.
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    [BETA] ScribbleHub Trending Notification for Discord

    can you also add by Id as well your username? there's a number next to anyone. like mine is 151
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    To readers who don’t like NTR

    well, I don't have any experiences like that. but even so, I don't put myself into stories that I read. Also maybe I like seeing others suffer?
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    Hi and thanks.

    ah clasic ben. dont mind this guy.
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    What is your process when it comes to making illustration?

    go to Pinterest and open up my IG folders. sketch(sometimes make a second one) block out the base colors merge the two and place the shadows and light. then paint/render it. play with curves and other effects for final touches. Spotify or youtube help a lot. or watching/listening to...
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    To readers who don’t like NTR

    I simply dislike weak-willed charas even outside NTR. i jus' wanna go through the screen and nag em or choke em. it gets annoying real fast. I love those, "THIS IS HERESY!" comments. usually from ppl who don't check the damn tags. I never check tags much myself because I like the danger kek...
  16. Dountmindme

    I'm Addicted to NUF. Help.

    Get addicted to reading fanfics and using discord all like me. I rarely go on this fourm I jud’ stay in the SHcord. I used to be addicted to NUF. Made a lot of friends tho.
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    Covid-19 is fatphobic. (And glassesphobic)

    i'm suprise it's done already
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    Has anyone at all been able to avoid procastination (who used to procastinate alot)

    That’s how I git homework done. If I was around a lot of ppl. Pressure always works for me. I’m 19. I’ve been procrastinating on writing. However when it comes to art I’ve been doing good. I’ve got a schedule going. I draw at least 2hrs each day. Some days it can go for more. Basically I’ve...
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    What words you always misspell?

    Hilarious I used to get this wrong a lot. Irk tbh I keep misspelling things a lot.