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  1. OkuraTsukiko

    Highschool AU (Close in everyone)

    In this thread, try to imagine the profile of your characters from your story. Post the profile on what highschool your character(s) would participate in. List their academic records, clubs, hobbies, grade, facts, or anything related to what your character likes to do if they went to high...
  2. OkuraTsukiko

    Very Merry Christmas

    At first, I wasn't planning to do any special Christmas illustrations. But then, a sudden push was given and here I am... Finishing a sketch in a few minutes and used a brush pen to do the lineart and Tadaaa... These chibis are my ocs from the story, can't complete the illustration without...
  3. OkuraTsukiko

    Favorite Local Food

    The title says it all, what kind of local foods is your personal favorite? Might as well share some of my favorites in this thread. In my place, sundanese dishes are my local favorite. Some of them which I like mostly use parts of the cow, and I'm not only talking about the meat here. My...
  4. OkuraTsukiko

    Is it weird to make an AU of the story you made?

    I have been thinking a lot lately about this topic. What if I make an Alternate Universe of my current story, change who the story focuses on, and maybe some alternation of the world itself? Would people find it weird? Or would it be like any other story? What do you guys think?
  5. OkuraTsukiko

    My Genshin Impact Team In A Nutshell

    Honestly, having a wealthy businessman/batman in my team is a relief. Besides having a Sassy Cavalry Captain, a God that is obsessed with wine, and a broken Sugar Daddy. If only Childe also came home to me:blob_blank::blob_blank: Overall, a dysfunctional family of four with financial and...
  6. OkuraTsukiko

    Take your pick (OCs as Flower bois)

    Well, well, I have a habit of making some ikemen bois which are now my ocs from my story. I have tried drawing them holding certain flowers that contain some meanings behind them. I like putting flowers that have meanings in my drawings, it can uphold a certain hidden message behind it. So take...
  7. OkuraTsukiko

    Let's talk about Husbandos [Waifus are also welcome (>W0)]

    I'm a sucker for fictional characters to be honest, as IRL I have tons of juniors, seniors, and classmates who are in love with anime. As a degenerate weeb, I have tons of husbandos as well, either from anime, games, and even otome games. Heck if I'm going to list them all here. My type...
  8. OkuraTsukiko

    Ways of Traditional Art

    I may not excel in the ways of digital art, but I do enjoy drawing traditionally. Most of the time I would like to experiment with some ways I can combine various techniques. I'm self-taught, and I suck at the lightning or toning part. But I do try to improve it now and then. Here are some of...
  9. OkuraTsukiko

    Another thread of arts coming up

    These are some of my works, whether it's from my characters or other prompts. I tried using ink pen as well as brush pens for these two, well it is for inktober after all. The pen nibs that I use are G-pen for lineart and Bowl Pointer for crosshatching. While I use a combination of...
  10. OkuraTsukiko

    Art threads

    Some meme poses that I had done with some of my characters from the story
  11. OkuraTsukiko

    Cover of my story

    I made this long before I release my series to ScribbleHub, so it's kind of messy. Need to improve more, but I'm getting there since I'm all squished by schoolwork and projects from school. It sucks, but at least I can release all of my stress into writing chapters and drawing. Hope you enjoy...