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    What is the most perfect scumbag you have known?

    As title said. I won’t limit it to just written or drawn works but I would prefer those as they are easier to check. Long story short, I want to make a believable scumbag. The kind that I can condemn it to a horrendous fate without making many people feel sad. Having an example would make me...
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    The tale of justice

    Somewhere in feudal Japan. The clan was tricked into assisting the rebels against the imperial court. When the rebellion failed, the clan was supposed to be executed entirely. The young master (14 years old) and heir of the clan was suggested to take the responsibility for the clan and he agreed...
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    My Inspiration

    Everytime i saw this picture i feel sad. It's a tragic story of family love, loyalty, revenge, misunderstanding, and death. This single image bring with its the glory of France, the craftmanship of Japan animators and artists, and a heartwrenching pain of sorrow. And yes, D'eon is the first...
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    [Bromance/BL] To share your broken heart

    I think each of us may have a moment that pained our heart. Share with me the masterpiece that hurt you so that we can cry together and appreciate the masterful work of the authors.
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    [18+ Discussion] Not for everyone!!! Malepreg dilenmas

    Oh lesbians and gaytlemen, sexuality of all degrees of degeneracy. I, the humble dead guy, have summoned you today to Beg for your guidance about the ages-old debate revolving the reproduction of XY couples. I should waste you no more time. How should a man 👨 give birth? Most oftentimes, our...
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    [Discussion] Your fictional materials

    This kind of thread has already existed on Reddit at some time. Just want to bring it here on SH. "What are some of your fictional material?" So Marvel comic has all sort of thing Adamantium, Vibranium, Carbonium, Uru. Warcraft has Arcanite. Warhammer 40k has Necrodermis, Adamantium. Just a...
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    Recommendations Looking for a war fiction that fits with these music as theme.

    Just want to enjoy a good war fiction with these music as background to have some big good old times.
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    [V-NSFW}A new kind of apocalypse world?

    I just have this sudden urge after revisiting some of the old fetishes and porn games. So here is my strange vision. “No one could have known the shape of horror that descended upon our world. It even baffled Cheer, my closest friend and great horror writer. It’s the April’s Fool. The perfect...
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    [Anime] Your beginning

    Everyone have to start somewhere. Time 2005-2007 Anime: Fate/Stay Night Blood+ Ghost in the Shell: SAC Kino no Tabi (Kino's Journey) 2003 Yu Yu Hakusho
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    [Discussion] What is "Don't like, Don't read"?

    I have been seeing it since the very first time i stepped into Internet. I have seen people used it. I have seen people quoted it. I have seen it being discussed but i have yet to see a truly complete accurate depiction of this fandom-wide rule. What exactly is it? How to use it?
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    [In a mission to spread Yaoi across the Solar system] What are some of the popular non-living gay ship?

    You know. Just because they are not human, not animal and not alive doesn't mean we couldn't ship them. Yes, ladies and gay-tlemen. We can do everything as long as our belief is strong enough or in this case we can ship everything as long as we are horny enough. Some of the popular ships i...
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    The feelings for each others

    One of the best source of motivation that i has been able to find is through my rivalry with other authors. They don't even know i am competing with them though but that's no matter. What important is i feel compelled to outrank them. Most of the time i search for fictions of the same...
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    Where should i go?

    It has been ages and i have yet to found a site that allows the authors to go absolutely banana with their fetish. A little background. I am heavily influenced by many dark-fetish artists to name a few (Honey QP, Horihone Saizou, Uziga Waita, crocodile ave, Tokuni Mirashichi, isaaki...
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    Writing Prompt Yaoi Cultivation of the Ultimate Boy Love fan: stretching the limit of degeneracy

    We have many kinds of isekai, many kind of reincarnation, many cultivation stories, many anti-villain main character revenge stories but... almost no Yaoi-fan-theme martial arts story. And so i decided to go full retarded. Template (My upcoming story for 2022) "The main character lived his...
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    More freedom in categorizing glossary?

    Can i have more freedom in categorizing the glossary. I am not sure about other fictions but i used this feature intensively since there are a lot of concepts that are best summarized in the glossary. Currently i have 20+ in just the Miscellaneous and it is talking about different thing. Can i...
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    Valid read count for each chapter

    I am unsure if the view count in the Table of Content is valid view (someone spend 60s+ on a chapter) or just general view (someone mistakenly click on the chapter). If it is just general view as it says (pageview), i would like to suggest this feature. Each of my chapter is within 4000-5000...