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  1. YuriDoggo

    Sorting fictions on the author's page

    Sometimes I want to read something on an author's page, but I end up having to hunt through the different entries. It would be helpful if there was an option to sort by last update/popularity/release frequency on the author's page. That way, you can tell at a glance which of their stuff is most...
  2. YuriDoggo

    Saving "Searches"

    I find myself looking up a lot of the same things on Series FInder on separate occasions. Instead of going through and redoing the search, I thought it might be helpful if it was possible to create a list of "Saved Searches" that saves the criteria of the search you saved, that you can easily go...
  3. YuriDoggo


    READ FIRST .... that is all
  4. YuriDoggo

    Comment Feed Tab on Novel Dashboard

    Checking new comments on your novel might be a bit clunky when they're all stuck in notifications and alerts. I think it would be more user friendly if there was a new tab added to the novel dashboard with latest comments, and the ability to reply to them directly from there, like them, etc.
  5. YuriDoggo

    Writing Prompt Tavern Song (or not)

    In worlds, there are often taverns or bars. Within, you find stories of your world being told through music. What are some world-relevant poems and songs you might find being sung in such taverns, if any?
  6. YuriDoggo

    Option for [Hide from Homepage] on Reading List to override Release Filtering.

    Currently, if you put a novel in a reading list and check [Hide from Homepage](All series from the list [Dropped] will be hidden from the main homepage.), it will show up anyway on the homepage if it satisfies [Release Filtering](Green means all releases which includes these genres will be shown...
  7. YuriDoggo

    Make Chapter Views the "default" views instead of total views

    Since in my opinion chapter views are basically the only kind of views that matters. Page views without an accompanying chapter view is just someone clicking on the page, deciding they don't like it, and backspacing. Of course, I'm not saying to get rid of total views since it's helpful for...
  8. YuriDoggo

    AXIOM's Pink role thread

  9. YuriDoggo

    Chinese names for Chinese inspired novels

    Such as Wuxia and Xianxia. Do you guys (who write such things) prefer to adapt all the names to something more western and fantastics, or do you guys like using pinyin, and why?
  10. YuriDoggo

    Will vibrations be felt in a tunnel from a mech battle above ground?

    Like a couple of 10 meter tall mechs smacking each other around with appropriately sized weapons. Or large tank-sized rifle rounds hitting the ground when missing. Upper layer is dirt, stone, and finally like two meters of concrete around the tunnel itself. Could you feel the battle if the...
  11. YuriDoggo

    Resolved Weird Trending Interaction w/ Release Filtering

    So I tend to filter out harem and bl and depending what I filter, the list changes. As it should. But this time it really bugged out. No Filter Harem Filter Only BL Filter Only Both Harem and BL Filter So somehow, disabling the filters kick Yorth's novel from #2/3 to off the list completely...
  12. YuriDoggo

    Writing Who else feels weird putting dialogue tags before the dialogue.

    Example: He blurted out, "Help me!" It's always sounded weird to me, so I never use it, but I think some people do. Who else thinks this is weird or am I a member of an extreme minority?
  13. YuriDoggo

    Implemented Change the tag "Shoujo-Ai Subplot" to "Girl's Love Subplot"

    Reasons: 1. The genres yuri and shoujo ai have already been merged to girl's love. 2. Shoujo-ai in JP means pedophilia
  14. YuriDoggo

    Implemented Tracking Reader Count in Novel Dashboard

    Currently, you can track pageview, comments, and favorites, but you can't for reader. Is that planned? Reader count tend to be a much better indicator for growth than pageviews.
  15. YuriDoggo

    Anyone want to play SSBU (Smash Ultimate)

    As the title says. (online arena) Edit: For those who still don't get it: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  16. YuriDoggo

    New tags "Death Game" and "Trapped in a Game World"

    "Death Game" should be self explanatory. Any game that if you die in game, you die in real life, or a game where the penalty is death. "Trapped in a Game World" is different from the "Summoned/Transported" one where you're not actually there, but your mind is. Encompasses your normal edgy...
  17. YuriDoggo

    Testing Reaction/Reception to a Story I'm working on

    Teaser Please read it and tell me what you think!
  18. YuriDoggo

    Homosexual/Heterosexual Protagonist

    There's pansexual and bisexual, so why not homosexual and heterosexual? While it can be argued that if there's no relevant tags, it's assumed that the protagonist is heterosexual by default, that doesn't apply to homosexual. Sure, there's the GL and BL genre, but its possible that the love are...
  19. YuriDoggo

    Implemented Well-Known Author title changes

    I think Well-Known Author is a title that is rather arbitrary and a misnomer. Currently all you need to do is publish around 5 short stories that no one reads to get it. On the other hand, if you have 1 really popular story, you won't get it. Therefore I propose that the requirements be changed...
  20. YuriDoggo

    Romance tag vs romance genre

    (This is not in the wrong forum. I am not making a suggesting, but rather starting a discussion) I think there should be differentiation between romance as a genre, and romance as a tag. It's the difference between a romance novel, and a novel that happens to have romance. Most of the novels...