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  1. Akata

    Writing Requesting good romance tutorials

    A lot romance tutorials kind of read the same... Anyone have a favorite romance tutorial they would like to share with me? I'm trying to write a romance to challenge myself since all I write is horror and meme-y stuff. I'm trying to write a vampire romance novel right now... I find it so hard...
  2. Akata

    Traditional Manga Format

    There are a lot of websites that host webcomics that are in a scrolling style, but there aren't a lot that still have traditional manga or western formats. Does anyone know of them? Does anyone know any webcomic websites that give the option to host your comic in that format? Ever since a...
  3. Akata

    Opinions on manga character designs.

    I have a story on here called GALACTIC. It's a script for a manga. While I write it, I've been trying to come up with character designs and want feedback from lots of people. I'll be putting up a lot as time goes on. Here is the latest re-design I've made of the main character. I've done it...
  4. Akata

    Writing I'm new to the site. Can someone explain the glossary to me.

    So, do I just update terms in it? Like character bios? Can I put worldbuilding facts? I already uploaded a separate worldbuilding series. Can I put pictures? I've never used a glossary before. What do you guys use your glossaries for? What are the pros and cons of it?