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  1. Reyezwriting

    How does everyone feel about Webnovel and how they treat their authors

    Read the contract. It says that you're giving them the rigths of your story for 50 years.
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    What if ‘The Walking Dead’ has magic?

    Why making it fan fiction? Do your own story and characters mixing these two elements. Zombies and magic.
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    Farewell Note

    Why don't use both? Unless you're getting 0 views here, you're limiting the potential overall audience you can get. Like those who also publish in Royalroad and Webnovel.
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    Influx of webnovel novels

  5. Reyezwriting

    Apps that have sync mode

    Why are you not using google docs?!
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    Which do you chose, and why?

    Hey, I got it (And I'm not even from an english speaking country, jeezus)
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    Be able to post updates to readers

    You have my axe vote.
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    Writing Prompt Trap harem

    This, right here. I was tired of the 'man transmigrate into a woman but with a huge dick', so I wrote a slow progress story of a crossdressing femboy, who wants to gradually turn into a beautiful woman without getting rid of his dick, which is below average. And... She's the submissive.
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    i need help regarding this topic

    My stories is full or international characters , so I use this: It lets you choose the character's nationality, and that helps a lot!
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    I need MORE readers!!!!!!!

    Maybe if you could upload a nice cover, you could get more readers. There is a famous post around here, of a user that could help you with that. i think this is the one?
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    Trending stats

    Sci-fi 9%... God And my love for litRPG anime made me write in that genre, so yeah. It is a pretty adictive concept. EDIT: And just a reminder that the rankings change every day
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    Favourites to Readers ratio.

    *Glances at shotgun*
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    Favourites to Readers ratio.

    What to do if my Story has less favorites than readers?!
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    Webnovel wants to contract me so much that they'll even impersonate me, lol

    It all started a month ago, when Webnovel offered me a contract for my Smut Spin off. Why did my spin off received a contract before my main series? Who knows! (Sex sells *cough*) I just previewed the contract but never signed it. A week later they sent me another contract invitation, now for...
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    Any recommendations for light novels where MC is self-aware?

    The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
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    Writing [Tutorial] When & How to Smut

    Or according to Royalroad admin, only 10 percent of the overall story... That is why my smut is not in there.