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  1. Kilolo

    Writing Prompt You reincarnated to another world with late-delivery cheat

    it's a common troupe, you reincarnated to another world with magic and dungeon, your memory from previous life is still intact, and you're born as third son/daughter of a baron. but your magic sucks because you're just a concubine son/daughter, nobody listen to you because you're just a brat...
  2. Kilolo

    [Discuss] What's the difference between Wizard, Sorcerer, Magician, Magus, etc

    found this on redd*t, someone asking what's the general consensus between the term. what do you guys think? i also think he's right, there's no general consensus about these terms in novel, but as for my personal opinion for this matter: Magician this one should be self explanatory, derived...
  3. Kilolo

    General Lounge

    this is thread for idle chat and random topic. so.... how's you guys' day? Anything interesting happening lately? Or maybe just post some memes.