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  1. Moctemma

    Resolved Adopted girl by the Ice Queen yuri

    A girl about to die for an attack on her village is saved by the Ice Queen, a demon woman, who experimented with her by giving her a drop of blood each day. The girl develops feelings for the demon woman and tries to be accepted by her. The butler trains her in combat and she learns to cook from...
  2. Moctemma

    What type of writer are you?

    Please check the video to understand the four parameters. I'm Pantser-Intuitive with a little bit of Plotter. I only need to know what the story is about and the main characters. Things like the name of secondary characters, the kingdoms, how the different civilizations are; I think of them...
  3. Moctemma

    Books with amazing writing style

    Share with me the book(s) with the best style you've read. If you could, share a fragment of it to help me decide which ones to buy. I consider it's time for me to delve into the subject, to explore different styles to study and figure out how I want my own to be.
  4. Moctemma

    Dropped novel you would like the author to continue.

    Do you have a novel you loved everything about it, but the author abandoned it? Share your sorrows here. But please respect the authors. How To Seduce Your Stepmother I'm a sucker for stories where the MC reincarnates in the villain and becomes a nice person. I wanted to see how she treats...