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  1. Valmond

    Looking For Something to Read

    Rules/Expectations —>Follow this to make life easier. ——————————————————— Genre: Fantasy, Psychological, Mature, Drama, Action, Adventure, Romance These are the ones I am looking for at the moment. —> Doesn’t need to be all there. However, these are the genres I will read at the moment...
  2. Valmond

    Book Not Going Live?

    I believe this is the right thread for this. Anyway, what is the approximate time that it takes for a book to go live? Before, it maybe took thirty minutes at most. Though, usually it was up in a few minutes. It has been two hours since I posted a new book. Anyone have a scaling on the minimum...
  3. Valmond

    Games Finished Recently? Or Are Currently Playing?

    Finished Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. All I have to say is god this game was insanely difficult. However, also amazingly done well. Sadly, it does not have a proper New Game Plus, so I am adding in some cheats to make it so for my next play through. Not too much though, just enough that will...
  4. Valmond

    Weird Videos Youtube Recommended To You?

    Currently, a video of a ripped Kanagroo...😐 You lot?
  5. Valmond

    Gaming Discussion(Bad Experiences?)

    Anyway, ever liked a game so much that you decided to try the most recent one? Then that one turns out to be overall worse? Yeah...I have had a steady trend of that. Recently played Summon Night 3. Japanese Only(as far as I can tell). So I had to work real hard on the translations. Though, it...
  6. Valmond

    Resolved Book Cover Display Issue

    Not sure if this is known or not. However, I was recently approved for a change in the cover of one of my works. The thing is, there is an issue. Under the ’Create’ option, it is showing my initial cover. Under the summary option, it is showing the new cover. Then in the chapter itself, it is...
  7. Valmond

    Resolved Coming Across a bug In the System.

    This was never an issue before, it began actually about a two or three days ago. Where the system is appearing unable to read what is written, and rather looks like it is giving the base HTML code. I have tried many times to get that to go away. To be a bit more precise. This seems to happen...
  8. Valmond

    Question About Story Relation(Solved)

    Now, I generally understand this. However, I have a bit of a dilemma down the road. You see, how my series order goes. Is, Book 2 Book 3 Book 1 Naturally, Book 2 is the prequel to Book 1. Book 3 is the sequel to the prequel. After the events of the third book. It fasts forward to after the...
  9. Valmond

    Ever Felt Like One of Your Characters?

    Well, that just happened to me. Spanish class, oral presentation. You see, one of my characters is a lovable iguana. The animal has many complicated plans. However, those plans tend to go south. Though, the animal does manage to make it work somehow, even if the outcome is disastrous. With this...
  10. Valmond

    Post Your Drawing

    So yeah, as one may notice from another thread recently created. Been five years since I have last drawn, so I decided to draw my character. For my own reasons and whatnot. I am still learning the ropes of this platform, so I believe this is the right section. This is my fourth drawing in a long...
  11. Valmond

    Alright, Curious on What Others Have Been Drawing.

    After about five years, I got back into drawing. It has been a long time. Anyway, so what have ya been up to?
  12. Valmond

    Resolved Additional Bugs Found

    This one has been solved. Below are the additional ones found.