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  1. Arcturus

    Savage Divinity

    Another novel coming off a Christmas hiatus, this one on RR. It's definitely one of the best cultivation novels, though it's not one of my top tier favorite novels. Still the setting and characters are very well-done either complex motivations. I would say that the plot has gotten bogged down...
  2. Arcturus

    Resolved Saving Drafts

    Something that is really annoying for me on the new forum is saving drafts on the forum. I'm used to NUF which already regularly saves my drafts. Plus the mobile version of SHF doesn't even have a save drafts button. Further, the save drafts button doesn't even work all the time (for reasons...
  3. Arcturus

    A Practical Guide to Evil

    A Practical Guide to Evil by erraticerrata. One of the best webnovels out there, both past and present. It has finally returned today to us for volume V (which is either the last or second to last volume. I think it's the last since that would seem to fit story-wise). It's a wonderful...
  4. Arcturus

    The Wandering Inn

    I decided to pick my favorite webnovel to be the first webnovel currently ongoing outside of Scribblehub to get an LCD thread here. The Wandering Inn is one of the best isekai (transported to another world) webnovels written. It has some elements of Litrpgs as well with a leveling system that...
  5. Arcturus

    LCD subforum rules

    So I just wanted a clarification: Can we make LCD threads for English Originals that aren't being posted on Scribblehub? *Pokes @Tony *